Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Mode?

Travel Mode enables you to travel stress-free with easier access to foreign currency peek balance, exchange currency, card overseas setting, travel insurance, travel spending and travel tips.

What are the features in Travel Mode?
There are mainly 6 features offered in Travel Mode:
  • Foreign currency peek balance
    You can change your peek balance setting relevant to your travel destination
  • Exchange currency
    You can exchange currency at the competitive rates anytime
  • Card Overseas
    You can activate overseas use for your Debit Card and Credit Card while traveling, temporary limit increase and permanent block card.
  • Travel insurance
    You can purchase travel insurance before traveling, or see policy details if you already have travel insurance
  • Travel spending
    You can track your spending while traveling, shown in FCY (within transaction details) and SGD (total amount)
  • Travel tips
    You can see demystifying travel tips, eg. insurance and how to avoid overseas fees on your card, etc
How does it work? How to turn on Travel Mode?
  • There are 2 main entry-points (accessible even if you’re not traveling):
    o Pre-login: tap More button → tap Travel Mode → fill in details in “Travel Mode” page, e.g. Travel dates and destination
    o Post-login: tap More button → tap Travel Mode → fill in details in “Travel Mode” page
    o To see Travel Mode for the first time, you need to login and access find it under “More” tab

  • Before you travel:
    You will get push notification trigger to fill in travel details and perform travel-related activities

  • While you’re traveling
    You will get push notification trigger to turn on Travel Mode when we detect that you’re traveling. You can simply slide the Travel Mode button to the right to turn it on. Pre-login wallpaper will change according to your travel destinations and the pre-login quick links would display: “Login”, “Digital Token”, “FX Currency”, “Card Overseas”, “Travel Insurance”, and “Travel Spending”. When you click on any of those quick links, they will be redirected to subsequent screen respective to the icon.
What benefits can I get from Travel Mode?

Switching to Travel Mode eliminates travel woes that you commonly find while traveling, especially in accessing your financial needs. Travel Mode provides easy access for all DBS travel supports, eg. foreign currency peek balance, exchange currency, card overseas, travel insurance, travel spending and travel tips.

Who can use Travel Mode?

Travel Mode can be accessed by selected DBS/POSB digibank customers.

In order to enjoy optimum functionalities of Travel Mode, you should have:
  • My Account or Multiplier account
  • VISA Debit Card
  • Visa Debit Card linked to MCA
I want to use Travel Mode, but I don’t have MCA and Visa Debit Card. What should I do?
  • Don’t have MCA: You can open MCA on digibank app easily.
    o Apply via digibank: Login → More → DBS Multi Currency Account → Open Account → next → Apply Account Now → follow the journey → completed.
    o Apply via internet banking: here

  • Don’t have VISA Debit Card: Unfortunately, we only support VISA Debit Card now, hence we encourage you to apply for it and link it to your MCA account.
    o Click here to open Visa Debit Card
  • MCA and VISA Debit Card are not linked:
    o You can link your MCA to DBS VISA Debit Card by tap on “More” → “Link Card to Account”
What currencies and countries covered under Travel Mode?

Travel Mode covers almost all countries; you can switch Travel Mode on wherever you go. However, MCA at the moment supports 12 foreign currencies (refer to below currency list) and 71 countries.

  1. Australian Dollar (AUD)
  2. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  3. Chinese Renminbi (Offshore) (CNH)
  4. Euro (EUR)
  5. Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
  6. Japanese Yen (JPY)
  7. New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  8. Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
  9. Sterling Pound (GBP)
  10. Swedish Kroner (SEK)
  11. Thai Baht (THB)
  12. US Dollar (USD)
I don’t see travel mode.

Travel Mode is a beta feature and only a selected group of customers are able to participate. We will enable this feature for more customers soon!

How is Travel Mode different from my current settings?

Travel Mode helps to access your travel needs faster from the pre-login screen and offers you with useful Travel Tips. With Travel Mode, you’re just one tap away from accessing foreign currency peek balance, exchange currency, card overseas, travel insurance, travel spending and travel tips. Once you turn off your Travel Mode toggle, your pre-login screen will be back to normal setting.

What is Overseas Spending?

Overseas Spending will show you overseas transactions made with a physical card (Debit Card or Credit Card), Apple Pay, Google Pay and Pay Wave. Online transactions and payments made via mobile wallet (e.g.: Paylah!) or by scanning QR code will not be shown here. These transactions will appear in your regular transaction history.