DBS digibank inbox and push notifications

List of Transaction Alerts

Alerts on DBS/POSB Banking Accounts
Personal Account Alerts
Update Personal and Contact details
Update Mailing Address
Manage Alerts
Increase Transfer and Payment Limits

Digital Transactions Alerts
Add Payee
Funds Transfer to My Account
Funds Transfer to Other DBS/POSB Account
Funds Transfer to Other Bank Account
Future-dated Funds Transfer to Other Bank Account
Funds Transfer to Overseas Account
One Time Funds Transfer and Payment
Pay Other Bank Cards
Pay Easy Services
Bill Payments
d2Pay (eNETS Transactions)
PayNow Outgoing Transactions
Topup Transactions
Scan and Pay Transactions

ATM and Banking Services Alerts
Local ATM Cash Withdrawal
Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal
Local NETS Transactions
Overseas PIN Transactions
Funds Transfer
Bill Payments
Topup Transactions
Cheque Clearing
GIRO Arrangement
Standing Instruction Set-up
Alerts on DBS/POSB Card(s) coming soon on digibank app
Local Card Transactions
Overseas Card Transactions
Online Card Transactions
Cash Advance

Inbox & Push Notifications

How do I access digibank notification inbox?
You can access digibank notification inbox before or after logging into your digibank app by tapping on the bell icon at the top left of your digibank app.
What is Push Notification?

Push Notifications are alerts relating to your banking activity or promotions that will be sent to your digibank mobile.

These messages will be stored in your notification inbox for your easy tracking and reference. Please go to your device settings to turn on notifications for digibank in order to receive them.

What are the benefits of registering for Push Notification?

You will be able to enjoy secured banking experience at your fingertip & conveniently monitor your transactions through your notification inbox. 

You can also monitor your account closely for any fraudulent transaction or SMS phishing. 

What happens after I enable digibank Push Notifications?

You will receive mobile push notifications for selected services securely in your digibank inbox.

You will need to turn on your notifications for digibank app in your device setting or when you allow notification upon downloading the app for the first time.

Where will I see the push notification messages that has been sent to my mobile phone?

Tap on the bell icon at the top left of your digibank app > Notification inbox to view your messages

Why am I receiving alerts via digibank Push Notification instead of SMS alerts?
Alerts sent via Push Notification will be stored in your digibank inbox and you will be able to view all your important banking alerts conveniently in one place.
What do I need to do to ensure I receive Email and Push Notification Alerts?

Ensure your email address registered with the Bank is valid and updated.

To receive push notification alerts, please allow notifications for digibank app on your device settings.

Settings > Notifications > digibank app > Allow Notifications

How long will the messages be stored in the Inbox?

30 days and the messages will be auto purged after 30 days.

How many devices can I register to receive Push Notification?

You can only register one device at any one point in time. 

What will happen to my past notifications if I change my mobile phone?

The notifications are stored for a period of 30 days. Remember to enable Push Notification on your new mobile device. 

Why am I not receiving notifications on my mobile?

It could be due to the following reasons: 

  • Change of registered mobile device
  • It can only be activated on one mobile phone at a time 
  • Device notification setting is disabled
  • Your digibank app is deleted
  • Your digibank app is not updated to the latest version
  • Your mobile device is not connected to WIFI or data network
Do I need to download digibank app to receive Push Notification?

Yes, you will need digibank app to be able to receive Push Notifications.

Download digibank mobile on App Store/Play Store now!

Manage Transaction Alerts

What are transaction alerts (“Alert”)?
Transaction alerts is a notification service where you will be informed of important transactions on your account. These alerts will be delivered to you via push notification, email and/or SMS.
Why should I enrol for transaction alerts?

You are automatically enrolled for Alert service to receive notifications for transactions on your accounts. Learn more tips on how to protect yourself from unauthorised transactions.

How do I apply or change my Alert notification preferences?
You can choose your preferred notification preference by logging into your digibank mobile and tapping on More tab > Manage Notifications.
How will I know if I have successfully updated my preferences for the Alert service?
You will receive a confirmation SMS from DBS after you have updated your Alert preferences.
Can I make changes to the default alert threshold limit?
Yes. You can set your preferred threshold limit via digibank mobile except for overseas ATM cash withdrawal where you will receive alerts on every transaction.
What is the minimum threshold limit I can set?

The minimum threshold alert limit varies by transaction type. To learn more, click here.

Can I choose my preferred mode of alert?
Yes. You can choose the preferred mode of alert via digibank mobile.
Do I have to pay for this Alert service?
The Alert service is provided to you free. However, if you are travelling and on a roaming network, your mobile service provider may charge you for receiving any incoming SMS depending on your prevailing mobile plan. Please check with your mobile service provider for more information.
Why did I receive an Alert when I did not make any transaction on my account?
Please call our 24-hour DBS Customer Service Hotline at 1800 111 1111 or +65 6327 2265 (Overseas) for clarification on the alert that you have received.
I am a joint account holder. Can I apply for the Alert service?
Yes, a joint account holder can apply for the Alert service. Alert will only be sent to you if you initiate the transaction and not to the rest of the account holders.
Do I need to update the Bank if I have changed my mobile number/email address?
Yes, please update the Bank as soon as possible with your latest email address and mobile number via digibank.
How long after I have opted for push notification will I receive the notification message?
Once you have turn on notifications for digibank app on your device settings, you will receive push notifications for your next transaction immediately.
Can I change to SMS notification after choosing Push Notification?
Yes, you can customise your notification preferences by logging into your digibank mobile and tapping on More tab > Manage Notifications
Why am I not receiving email notification after opting for email alerts?
Once you have opted to receive email alerts, you will receive email notifications for your next transaction immediately. Please ensure your email address registered with the Bank is valid and updated to receive email alerts.