Features & Benefits

  • Fast & convenient – view up to 7 years* of past eStatements at your convenience, instead of waiting for paper-based statements
  • Safe & secure – only you can access your statements via our secure iBanking portal
  • Environmentally friendly – save paper, trees, and our global environment

* From November 2010 or date of enrolment onwards, whichever is later.

Instant access

No need to check the mailbox or sort through paper. Just login to to digibank (online or mobile app).

Up to 7 years of backup^

Look up past statements from your month of enrolment, without rummaging through physical files.

Statement alerts

Get timely SMS or email alerts when your eStatement is ready.

Securely stored in digibank

It's always kept safe, while still being easily accessible by only you.


Manage eStatements

You can now manage your eStatement preferences via Internet Banking, digibank app and SMS Banking now.

You will receive your eStatement from the next statement cycle onwards upon opt-in. No more paper-based statements will be sent and you can view, download, or print your eStatement at any time.

However, if you decided to opt-out from eStatements, you will again receive paper-based statements via mail from the next statement cycle onwards.


SMS the following keyword commands to 77767

Enrol eStatement for DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement

Example: Enrol estatement S1234567A

Enrol eStatement for Credit Card Consolidated Statement

Example: Enrol credit S1234567A

Enrol eStatement for Debit Card Statement

Example: Enrol debit S1234567A

Enrol eStatement for Cashline Statement

Example: Enrol cashline S1234567A

Manage your eStatement(s) quickly and easily with Internet Banking. Simply click here or follow the steps below.

* Only Joint Alternate accounts are eligible for eStatements. Joint All accounts are not eligible for eStatements.

You can now also manage and view your eStatements using your digibank app! Viewing eStatements has never been simpler.

  • Simply login to DBS/POSB digibank app
  • Tap on "eStatement" on the left hand menu
  • Select "Manage eStatements" to change the eStatement status for the account you wish to receive eStatement*

* Only Joint Alternate accounts are eligible for eStatements. Joint All accounts are not eligible for eStatements.


Eligibility & Fees

All you need is DBS digibank (online or mobile) or SMS Banking. Update your email address or mobile number with us so that, you can receive eStatements for:

  • DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement
  • Card accounts
    • DBS/POSB Credit Card Account (for Principal Cardholders only)
    • DBS Corporate Card Account (for Individual Cardholders only)
    • DBS/POSB Debit Card Account (for POSB Savings Personal or Joint-alternate Account only)
  • DBS Cashline Account (except Joint-alternate Accounts)
  • Treasures Consolidated Statement
  • Wealth Management Consolidated Statement

Terms and Conditions Governing Electronics Statements


  • For Deposit accounts, eStatements are only available for accounts with monthly and quarterly statements. For accounts with ad-hoc, daily, and weekly statements, only paper-based statements will be sent.
  • No eStatements will be generated in these circumstances:
    • DBS/POSB Credit Card and Cashline accounts – if there are no transactions for the current month and no outstanding balances from the previous month
    • DBS/POSB Debit Card accounts – if there are no transactions for the current month
    • POSB Savings Accounts – if there are no transactions for the current month, with the exception of the year-end (Dec) eStatement
    • POSB MySavings accounts – if there are no transactions for the current quarter with the exception of the year-end (Dec) eStatement
  • For closed accounts, eStatements prior to account closure will still be available for viewing.
  • For Debit Card eStatements, only customers with Debit Card(s) linked to a POSB Passbook Savings Account (as the primary account) are eligible to enrol.
    • Customers with Debit Card(s) linked to any other DBS/POSB account are not eligible to enrol.

Go green with eStatement Conversion

As part of the eStatement go green conversion campaign, only customer who received a letter mailed to your registered mailing address or SMS sent to your registered mobile number to inform you of this campaign are eligible for the eStatement conversion.

We would like to thank you again for your go green effort. To get you started, we have enrolled all your eligible personal and joint* account(s)** with the Bank for eStatements, effective MMM’YY. You will receive both eStatements and paper statements@ for 2 months. Effective the third month, you will receive only eStatements.

We will send you a notification SMS or email when your eStatement is ready. Simply login to DBS digibank online and select “eStatement” from “My Accounts” in the top navigation menu to view or download your eStatement at anytime, anywhere.

How it works

Example: If you receive the Letter or SMS in August 2018:

Received Letter or SMS to inform you that we will convert all your eligible account(s)** with the bank to eStatement, effective August 2018. You will receive both Paper Statement & eStatement in August 2018 and September 2018 From October 2018 onwards, you will only receive eStatement. A notification will be sent (SMS or Email) whenever your eStatement is ready for viewing.

** Eligible account(s) refer to the applicable DBS/POSB Consolidated Statement, credit card, debit card and cashline accounts. Any of these accounts that are opened after 31 July 2018 will not be included in this automatic eStatement enrolment (“New Accounts”). Should you wish to receive eStatements for these New Accounts, please opt-in via DBS digibank online.
* Only Joint Alternate accounts are eligible for eStatements. Joint All accounts are not eligible for eStatements.
We will send a notification email when your eStatement is ready for viewing. If you do not have a registered email address with the Bank, we will send an SMS to your registered mobile number.
^ From November 2010 or from date of enrolment, whichever is later.
# Your paper statement(s) for the selected account(s) will resume the following month upon submission of your request.
@ Note that for debit card whose primary account tagged to it is a POSB Passbook savings account, you will only receive statements where you have incurred debit card transactions that are of a higher risk such as card-not-present purchases (online or mail-order/ telephone-order transactions) that do not require 3D secure technology One-Time-Pin sent to your bank-registered mobile number or magnetic stripe “Swipe” purchases overseas.


How to Apply

Apply now If you have iBanking
Sign up for iBanking Not an iBanking customer?
  • Call us at 1800-111-1111
  • Visit any of our branches

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