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The feature that puts you in control

Introducing the Security Checkup feature on digibank. As we increasingly rely more on digital services in our daily lives, it’s essential to take necessary precautions for our banking safety.

With Security Checkup, we have helped you consolidate all recommended security actions in a single easy-to-use dashboard on your digibank app.

Note: Security Checkup is currently in beta phase. Stay tuned for upcoming updates as we continuously enhance this security feature to ensure optimal account protection.


How Security Checkup works

Spend just a minute to complete your recommended security actions, and enjoy a peace of mind knowing how you’re protected while enjoying our digital services.

Important details you can review in Security Checkup:

1. Your Contact and Address Details

Ensure you never miss any important alerts from us on your account activities by reviewing and updating your existing particulars.

This step is crucial in preventing fraud and detecting unauthorised transactions.

2. Your Daily Transfer Limits

To protect your account from unauthorised and large fraudulent transactions, take the time to review and adjust your transaction limits across these categories:

  • Local transfers to DBS/POSB accounts
  • Local transfer to other banks
  • Overseas transfer
  • eNETS (D2Pay)

Level up your defences against Scammers at your fingertips

Access useful links to learn about recent scams, fraud protection and more in one convenient place! Just scroll to the bottom section of Security Checkup on digibank app.


Get started with Security Checkup

Access Security Checkup using your digibank app:

Step 1
Log in to digibank app

Step 2
Tap on More

Step 3
Tap on Security Checkup


How to stay secure:

Security Checkup will recommend timely security actions for your review.

A yellow circle with an exclamation point indicates a pending security action. Review each item and the status symbol will be updated.

A green circle with a check mark means you have reviewed our recommended security actions.

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