GIRO Application

Consent, Authorisation and Acknowledgement

I consent to DBS Bank Ltd’s (“DBS”) collection and use of my personal data and the use and disclosure of my personal data by/to third parties for the purpose of this GIRO application (“Application”). I authorise DBS to:

  1. inform the Billing Organisation (“BO”) listed in my Application of such Application;
  2. process the BO’s instruction to debit my account;
  3. reject the BO's debit instruction if my account has insufficient funds and DBS may impose charges should this occur;
  4. proceed with the BO's debit instruction notwithstanding that my account may be overdrawn and DBS may impose charges should this occur; and
  5. terminate this GIRO service within a reasonable time upon DBS’ receipt of my termination notice via written revocation to DBS or through the BO. I agree that DBS may terminate this GIRO service at any time without notice or liability to me.

I acknowledge that this Application, when approved by DBS, will have a limit of S$50,000 per GIRO deduction. To enable GIRO deduction of sums in excess of S$50,000, I understand that I must increase the aforesaid limit via iBanking or DBS hotline (1800 111 1111) after this Application is approved.