Your First Step in Making Your Money Work For You

Make an "investment" with your very first pay cheque with a DBS Multiplier Account! And no, it doesn't require you to analyse graphs.

Earn 1.40% - 1.60% p.a., and potentially more out of your salary

No minimum salary credit and credit card spend required!

No minimum balance required (up to 29 years old)

Customer Reviews

(via Seedly Reviews)

"DBS Multiplier was extremely easy to set up. For a savings account, it offers very decent returns, which can be increased by fulfilling more categories! I like the fact that there is no minimum spending that needs to be charged to my credit card, making this the perfect account to be used for a fresh grad!"

- Yong Kah Hwee

"best saving account in singapore. High interest rate and lots of perks. I really recommend everyone to try it out!"

- Zhen Yu


Not Sure What That Percentage Means To You?

Here's a simple breakdown:


Watch Your Money Grow

With Jack having a current balance of S$10,000 in his Multiplier account and transactions totalling S$2,700 each month, Jack earns an interest rate of 1.60% p.a..

This is the Interest Jack is Earning

Based on total transactions of $2,700 for the month

(Salary S$2,500 + Credit Card spend $200)

That's $160 in interest after one year, all by crediting his salary to a DBS/POSB account and spending as he normally would.


How Do You Get EVEN HIGHER Rates

Increase your total eligible monthly transactions Take up a product in an additional category
(investments, insurance, home loan)
Learn more About the DBS Multiplier Account
Apply now If you're ready to multiply your money!

Here's a credit card suggestion for you:

Besides earning interest on your savings, enjoy exclusive Zouk Privileges and get up to 5% cashback on online shopping and Visa contactless purchases with DBS Live Fresh card. It can also be used as your ATM card, saving up space in your pocket!

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