FAQs on Bill Payments

  1. What happens if I would like to make a bill payment to a company that is not included in the list?

    You may like to submit your feedback to the company, requesting that they participate in Bill Payment as one of the payee organizations.
  2. Do I have total control over my Bill Payment?

    Bill Payment allows you to decide when to pay & how much to pay. Nothing happens unless you activate the payment by clicking on the 'Submit' button.
  3. Is Bill Payment easily accessible?

    Bill Payment is available 24 hours & you can pay from practically anywhere. All you need is a fixed line phone or Internet access.
  4. Is Bill Payment free?

    This service is absolutely free.
  5. What are the available channels to pay my bills?

    You can pay via Internet Banking or via our Phone Banking services.
  6. Can I deduct from my POSB Current Account that is GIRO-Transfer linked to my POSB Savings Account?

    You are advised to deduct from your POSB Savings Account if your POSB Current Account is GIRO-Transfer linked, as GIRO Transfer does not apply for iBanking Transactions.
  7. How do I register my bill details?

    You only need to register your bill details once and this can be done easily via the below options. Please have your bill ready as you will need to provide us its reference/account number.

    • Login to DBS iBanking
    • Click on "Payments"
    • Select "Bill Payment: Manage Billing Arrangements", "Add New Billing Arrangement"
    • Select the organization that you would like to make payment to and type in your consumer reference number
  8. Can I make an immediate bill payment?

    Yes. When you have successfully registered your bill details with us, you may proceed to make your payments via iBanking or digibank immediately.
    You can select any corporations in the drop down list of organizations to make payment.
    Alternatively, you can also personalize your bill payment list by selecting corporations that you frequently make payments to.
  9. How do I effect my bill payment?

    To pay your bills via:
    • iBanking/Digibank
      Select "Payments" follow by "Bill Payment" after login. You may select any of the participating organisations or select from your own personalised list of bill payment records. Enter the payment details, and confirm the transaction.