GIRO Billing Organisation

These are the list of participating Billing Organisations (BOs) which you can apply for GIRO via iBanking. Please refer to the table below for the bill reference number of each GIRO BO.

Billing OrganisationBill Reference NumberField LengthExample
Country Clubs / Recreational Clubs
Singapore Swimming Club Account No. with billing corporation as shown on statement 5 Characters (2 Alphabet 3 Digits) TA123
Singapore Island Country Club Club No. as provided by billing organisation 5 Characters (1 Alphabet 4 Digits) A0123400 as A1234
Temasek Club NRIC No. with Prefix 8 Characters (1 Alphabet 7 Digits) S1234567A
The Keppel Club Membership No. 6 Characters (2 Alphabet 4 Digits) NG1234
Warren Golf & Country Club Member's Club No. as shown on membership card or statement 9 Characters (2 Alphabet 6 Digits with a hyphen) Social Member ST1234-00
Member's Club No. as shown on membership card or statement 9 Characters (2 Alphabet 6 Digits with a hyphen) Golfing, Ladies, Ordinary Member GF1234-00
Member's Club No. as shown on membership card or statement 11 Characters (3 Alphabet 7 Digits with a hyphen) Corporate Member CM0021N1-00
Educational Institution
Raffles Institution NRIC or FIN No. 9 Characters (2 Alphabet 7 Digits) S7812345I / F1234567J
Singapore American School Limited Student ID number 5 characters 12345
Singapore Management University NRIC or FIN as per Campus ID 9 Characters (2 Alphabet 7 digits) S7712345I/F1234578A
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Student ID 7 Characters 1600101
Nanyang Polytechnic Admission Number 7 Alphanumeric Characters 120899P
Town Councils
Marine Parade Town Council Reference No. as show on statement 12 Characters (1 Alphabet 11 Digits) C12345678900
Credit Cards / DBS Cashline
DBS/POSB Credit Card (Including DBS Amex Card) Last 12 digits of the DBS/POSB credit card no (Without Hyphens) 12 Digits Visa/MasterCard:
4556 1234 5678 9101 = 123456789101
DBS Amex:
3779 123456 78910 = 912345678910
American Express Card For credit cards (3762 1 xxx...), input first 11 digits of the card no (without Hyphens) 11 Digits 3762 123456 78901 input the bill reference no. as 37621234567
For charge cards (3762 0 xxx...), input last 11 digits of the card no (without Hyphens) 3762 023456 78901 input the bill reference no. as 02345678901
For corporate cards (3762 2 xxx...), input last 11 digits of the card no (without Hyphens) 3762 213456 78901 input the bill reference no. as 21345678901
DBS Cashline
10-Digit DBS Cashline account no. 10 Digits 0821234567
Telecommunications and Utilities
M1 Limited 9 numeric digit "Account No" shown on the M1 Limited invoice 9 Numeric Digits  
MyRepublic Pte Ltd Customer Identification No. or NRIC No. 8 Characters (1 alphabet & 7 digits) or 9 characters (2 alphabets & 7 digits) C1000000 / SXXXXXXXZ
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd Account No. with billing organisation as shown on statement 8 Digits  
StarHub Ltd Account No. with StarHub Ltd as displayed on your right hand corner of your bill Numeric with decimals, ending with a letter. Eg: 1.xxxxxxxxA
SP Services Utilities Contract Account No. as shown at the top right section of the utilities invoice 10 Characters
(9 Digits 1 Alphanumeric)
1234567890 / 123456789-
Government Agencies
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) Customer reference number, usually UEN, NRIC or FIN 10 characters (Max)
(All in CAPS)
UEN: 201511111A NRIC/FIN: S1234567A
IRAS - Income Tax NRIC or FIN No. 9 Characters S7812345I / F1234567J
IRAS - Property Tax Reference No. provided by billing organisation 8 Characters 0357568G
Other Agencies
NETS - NETS Cheque NETS Cheque Ref. No. 12 Characters (12 Digits) 912345679999
NKF Individual: NRIC/ FIN or Passport No. 11 Characters (Max) S1234567A/ F1234567A
NTUC Membership NRIC or FIN No. 9 Characters S7812345I / F1234567J
Insurance Companies
AIA Insurance Policy No. i. 10 Character Policy
Format: X999999999
where the first character is an alphabet, followed by 9 numeric.
For Loan, replace the first alphabet as “R”, followed by 9 numeric. R123456780
For HealthShield policy with Essential Rider, please enter only the HealthShield policy number with prefix “H”. H123456780
ii. 9 Numeric Policy
Format: 999999999
policy number should be ranged between 000014570 and 000926361
For Loan, to add alphabet “R” as the first character, followed by 9 numeric. R000123456
Aviva Health Policy Number 8 characters 12345678
AVIVA Life 1 Insurance Policy No.    
AXA Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd Policy No. with the billing organisation. i. 999999 where there are 6 digits i. 012345
ii. X99999 where X can be 'H', M' or 'P' followed by 5 digits ii. H12345
iii. 99999999 where there are 8 digits iii. 00112233
iv. 999-9999999 where the first 3 digits can be 501, 601, 701, 800, 801, 811, 821, 831, 841, 851 iv. 501-1234567
CHINA LIFE INSURANCE (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. Insurance Policy No. 8 Digits 12345678
Great Eastern Life Insurance Policy No. 8 or 10 Digits (Max)  
Great American Insurance Company Policy Number 12 characters
Example of policy number:
*Remove 1st two characters and last two characters
Prudential Assurance Contract no., NOT beginning with '7' or '8' 8 Digits  
Brokerage/Securities Firms
DBS Vickers Securities
(Singapore) Pte Ltd
DBS Vickers Trading account number 7 Digits 80XX XXX
Please indicate "0" for payment limit.