Scan to PayLah! in Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PromptPay QR? How secure is it?

PromptPay QR Code is a cross-border service that offers PayLah! users a convenient, secure, and quick way to pay merchants in Thailand. It employs the EMV specifications which is in line with global payment security standards.

What are the merchants that I can pay via PromptPay in Thailand?

You can do so at any merchants that display the PromptPay acceptance mark on display at the merchant store front.

Click here to see a list of major retailers, stores & merchant that accepts PromptPay QR.

The acceptance mark should also be tagged to any of the following financial institutions:

How are the exchange rates determined?

Conversions shall be based on a mark-up of 2% above the foreign exchange rate. The mark-up serves to cover services provided and administration by us and our service providers in connection with foreign currency transactions. The foreign exchange rate is determined based on prevailing wholesale interbank rates or the government-mandated rate, as shall be determined by the respective Card Associations and/or payment service provider.

Are there fees associated with using the service?

No. Apart from the conversion rate applied, you will not incur additional fees from using the service.

I’m getting an invalid QR message when I try to pay the merchant. Why is this so?

Payment can only be made strictly to a QR belonging to a registered business entity with this service. You will encounter this error If the QR that is presented to you for scanning is a QR that belongs to an individual in his/her personal capacity.

You can request the merchant to provide you with the QR that is tagged to his/her registered business entity.