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The new PayLah! Business app is designed for your business needs. Now, you can track and manage scan-and-pay QR transactions in real-time, have your daily earnings deposited automatically, generate business insights and more.


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Features & Benefits

Skip the queues after a long work day, and have your earnings sent to your bank account at the end of each day. You can also manually deposit up to 4 times daily.

Automated Deposits

Check your business performance with daily and weekly reports.

Business Insights

Switch it on to monitor real-time payments & make refunds.

Seller Mode

For a better experience.

Available Language

What’s more, the PayLah! Business app is totally free! There’s no transaction fees for you or your customers.


How do customers scan-and-pay?

Available Language

  • Display your unique PayLah! Business QR code sticker at your point-of-sale for customers to scan-and-pay.
  • Inform customers of their payment account.
  • Receive payment instantly when customers scan your displayed QR code with their PayLah!, enter the transacted amount and complete the payment. You will receive a real-time update on your PayLah! Business app.

How do I sign up?

You will need:
  1. To be an owner of a ACRA registered business.
  2. A *DBS Business Account with access to DBS IDEAL
  3. A mobile device with iOS 8 or Android 4.4.4. and above.
  4. PayLah! Business app downloaded on your mobile device. Download now!


Ways to get started

You will need a DBS Business Account with DBS IDEAL login.

Simply use your existing DBS IDEAL account credentials to create your PayLah! Business profile and link it to your bank account.

Get your unique PayLah! Business QR Code

Upon receiving a ‘successful’ confirmation email, you will need to send your business operating address to to receive your unique PayLah! Business QR code within 3 days. Otherwise, the PayLah! Business team will proceed to send your PayLah! Business QR code to your ACRA registered address

Display your QR code at point-of-sale and start receiving payments!

Do note that if you have an ACRA registered business, you must have a DBS Business Account and use DBS IDEAL as the registration method.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will need a DBS Business account to use PayLah! Business. Don’t have one? Sign up here.

Yes, you can link a DBS Business Account to PayLah! Business. Don't have one? Sign up here.

Transaction history will be kept in the app for up to 90 days.

None! It’s completely free of charge.

PayLah! Business has an Automated Deposits feature that sends your earnings automatically to your linked bank account after 10pm daily.

Alternatively, you can also manually send your earnings to your account, up to 4 times each day.



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