Thank you for playing our very first PayLah! #UltimateHawker Game!

Dear hawker food lovers, it’s time to say goodbye to the adorable monsters who came all this way for a taste of our celebrated hawker cuisine. Congratulations to the winners who have successfully served and been tipped by the monsters! The cash rewards will be credited in your PayLah! accounts by 5 February 2022. Till we meet again!

Be a hawker hero and cook up a storm. S$50,000 cash rewards to be won!

A gang of hungry monsters have landed on our shores, excited to try the delicious hawker food they’ve heard so much about. That's where YOU come in!

Got what it takes to be a hawker hero on DBS PayLah! #UltimateHawker? Tap on the 'Hawker' tile in your PayLah! app to find the game, or simply click below!

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How to play

Explore SG

Travel across Singapore to find virtual hawker stalls. (Psst… real hawker centres are good places to visit!)

Collect hawker dishes

Cook and collect a variety of dishes to feed the monsters. Be careful you don’t spoil the food, though!

Serve the monsters!

Win cash rewards which are credited directly into your DBS PayLah! account* as you serve the hungry monsters.

* All cash rewards will be credited to your DBS PayLah! account by 5 February 2022.


Earn exclusive power ups while you spend to support hawkers

Scan to pay at over 10,000 hawker stalls islandwide with PayLah! and each transaction will award you with one of the power ups below!

Extension Oven

This will extend the time before your cooked food loses freshness, adding an additional 10 hours to the freshness period.

Special Order

Need a special dish to complete an order? This will give you a higher chance of cooking that dish at a stall.

Restock stall

After cooking, the stall will be out of ingredients. Use this to restock the ingredients immediately, so you can cook again.


Look out for our stalls

Head for red during the day

Red stalls are scattered all across Singapore. Visit them to cook up the dishes for the monsters.

Go for gold at lunch and dinner
11:30AM – 2PM and 6:30 – 9PM

Look out for golden stalls appearing across the island. When you visit them, you’ll have a higher chance of cooking rare dishes that can be served for bigger rewards!


Celebrate Singapore’s shiok food!

With 30 iconic dishes across 5 different cooking methods, there are a lot of choices for the monsters who have arrived in Singapore. Check some of them out below!

Fish Head Curry
Bak Kut Teh
Mee Soto
Cantonese Steamed Fish
Lapis Sagu
Chilli Crab
Ramly Burger
Yong Tau Fu
Roti Prata
Maggi Goreng
Fried Rice
Hokkien Mee
And More!

Meet your customers

Earn real cash rewards as you serve different customers. The bigger the order, the bigger the reward! Search for PayLah! Ultimate Hawker to find our stickers on Instagram and Telegram to share them with your friends!



Be the next hawker hero on DBS PayLah! #UltimateHawker

Already have a DBS PayLah! account? Click on the ‘Play now’ button or scan the QR code with your phone to start cooking!

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Find out more about DBS PayLah! here.

Monies in DBS PayLah! are a deposit. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75k by SDIC.


Support our hawker culture with PayLah!

With the new Hawkerpedia feature in the ‘Hawker’ tile on your DBS PayLah! app, you can find reviews of stalls and even leave your own. And if one of them catches your eye, don’t forget you can order directly to your door via WhyQ on PayLah!. Just head to the ‘Hawker’ tile to get started!

Want to know more ways you can support our hawkers?

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Frequent Asked Questions
Click here to see the FAQs for the PayLah! Ultimate Hawker 2021.

Terms & Conditions
Click here to see the terms & conditions for the PayLah! Ultimate Hawker 2021.

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