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What can PayNow-PromptPay Connection enable?

The purpose of this connection is to facilitate cross border funds and provide a convenient (24/7), fast (near real time), secure and cost-effective means of cross border funds transfer between Thailand and Singapore bank customers.

In essence, users of Singapore's PayNow and Thailand's equivalent PromptPay will be able to send money instantly and securely across the two countries with their mobile phone numbers that have been registered with PayNow and PromptPay respectively (“Mobile Proxies”).

Which are the participating banks?

Singapore participating banks

Thailand participating banks
Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Bank of Ayudhya


I submitted a transfer request but the funds were not credited to my recipient. Why is this so?

Please note you will receive two notifications if your funds are successfully transferred to your recipient. The first notification indicates a successful submission of your request. An additional notification will be sent to you when the transfer has been made. You can also refer to your bank account balance to check if the funds have been successfully debited.

What is a Mobile Proxy look-up?

As part of the PayNow-PromptPay service, a sender may ‘look up’ a Mobile Proxy to see the name which is associated with that Mobile Proxy, before initiating a transfer. The purpose of this feature is to provide the sender with a degree of assurance that he will be transferring the funds to his intended recipient, and so help to prevent erroneous transfers.

Will my full name be disclosed to a Thailand sender under a Mobile Proxy look-up?

No. Your name will be partially masked. This will provide the sender with reasonable assistance in identifying his intended recipient, without disclosing your full name.

Why can’t I find my recipient after entering a Thailand mobile number?

The Thailand recipient needs to have registered for PromptPay with one of the Thai banks participating in PayNow-PromptPay.

Do I need to register my mobile number again before receiving funds?

There is no need to re-register your mobile number if you are already registered with one of the PayNow-participating banks.

What is the minimum and maximum amount I can transfer?

Transaction amount is capped daily at SGD1,000 per user per day, shared between digibank and iWealth apps.

There is a minimum transaction amount of SGD10 via digibank and iWealth apps.

How long does it take for my recipient to receive the funds?

The transfer is real-time and will reach your recipient almost instantaneously.

Can I transfer to a merchant in Thailand?

No. You can only transfer funds to an individual in Thailand via his Thailand Mobile number.

Receiving funds

How can I receive funds via PayNow-PromptPay from a Thailand sender?

You can only receive funds via PayNow-PromptPay into your bank account if you are PayNow-registered via the Mobile Proxy.

Fees & Charges

Are there any fees and charges?

Currently, we do not charge any fees for PayNow-PromptPay service.

However, for recall of funds from Thailand recipient, there will be a recall fee of THB300. The amount will also be subject to FX losses, depending on the prevailing rate.

Are there any preferential exchange rates for transfers in large amounts?
No, board rate for SGDTHB will be applied for any amount. You can refer to for indicative rate.


Will I receive notifications for incoming PayNow-PromptPay transfers?

Yes, you will receive an email notification to your DBS-registered email address.

Will I receive notifications for outgoing PayNow-PromptPay transfers?

Yes. For transfer via digibank or iwealth app, you will receive this notification via email, SMS or Push note, according to your PayNow alerts setting. You can change this under ‘Manage alerts’ page.


Are there any Terms and Conditions I need to agree to in order to use the PayNow-PromptPay service?
To use the PayNow-PromptPay service, you will need to be registered for PayNow. By registering for PayNow, you agree to the Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts and Terms and Conditions Governing Electronic Services, which apply to both the PayNow service and the PayNow-PromptPay service.
Can I opt out of the PayNow-PromptPay service?

PayNow users will be automatically opted into the PayNow-PromptPay service. In order to opt out of the PayNow-PromptPay service, you would need to de-register yourself from the PayNow. This would mean opting out of both the PayNow-PromptPay service and the PayNow service.

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