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DBS Multi-Currency Autosave (MCA)

An all-in-one account with 12 foreign currencies types and Singapore dollar that lets you save and transact.

DBS Multi-Currency Autosave (MCA)


  • Easy conversion from one currency to another, to take advantage of any foreign exchange movement
  • Ability to remit, withdraw or receive foreign currency funds directly from and into your account thus allowing you to save on foreign exchanges
  • No fees charged for foreign currencies withdrawn at branch
  • One time account opening and one account number for all 13 currencies
  • All-in-one eStatement to show both SGD and foreign currencies balances and transaction details.

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Product Details

3 options of MCA to choose from to best meet your needs





Cheque Facilities


eMulti-Currency Autosave (eMCA)




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eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus




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Multi-Currency Autosave Plus



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View the list of 13 currencies and interest rates

  • At least 18 years old
  • No initial deposit required

 eMulti-Currency Autosave (eMCA) eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus (eMCA+) Multi-Currency Autosave Plus(MCA+)

Monthly Account Fee


Fall-below fee if the average daily balance falls below S$3,000*

(Waived up till 29 years old)

Cheque Book Charges

N.AThe first SGD cheque book on account opening is free. Thereafter, it is S$10 per additional cheque book (50 leaves).

Please refer to the Deposits Guide for the list of applicable fees.

  • Convert existing Autosave Account

    If you have an existing DBS Autosave Account with eStatement, convert it to DBS eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus now! Account number and services of your DBS Autosave will remain unchanged.

    Convert to DBS eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus in 3 simple steps:

    Step 1:Login to iBanking
    Step 2:Select Request on top right navigation > Select Other Services > Request for DBS Autosave Conversion
    Step 3:Confirm your account details and submit

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- Foreign currency transactions are subject to exchange rate fluctuations, which may result in capital gains or losses; such accounts may also be subject to exchange controls imposed on the currency held.

Fall-below fee is waived for eMulti-Currency Autosave (eMCA) account holder up to 29 years old.

*Based on total SGD equivalent of SGD and foreign currency balances

Interest Rates

Check the latest interest rates for Multi-Currency Accounts here.

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