Losing a Loved One

Closing a Joint Account

If your loved one held a joint account, the bank can release all the remaining balance in the account to the surviving joint account holder(s) under Right of Survivorship.

Joint - All account:
The Bank is obligated to act ONLY if there is written instruction from all surviving joint account holders (or their respective authorised signatories).

Joint - Alternate account:
The Bank will be able to act with written instruction from ANY surviving joint account holder (or their respective authorised signatories). No further authorisation or notification from other joint account holders will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the discounted Singtel shares (SDS) when your loved one passes away?
The procedure to handle the deceased’s discounted Singtel shares (SDS) is dependent on your loved one date of death as well as the CPF nomination status.

You may refer to more information through the CPF website: Link
Can I use digital death or birth certificates instead of a physical copy?

Yes, you can. From 29 May 2022, the death registration process will be made simpler, and digital death certificate will be issued in place of physical certificate. Once the medical practitioner certifies the death online, the death will automatically be registered in ICA’s system, and a digital death certificate will be immediately generated by the system. The medical practitioner or hospital staff will provide the next-of-kin with the required information, such as the digital death certificate number, to allow them to download the digital death certificate from My Legacy.

For more information, visit the ICA website Link

What will happen to the existing GIRO arrangements under the joint account if one of the account holders had passed away?

Once the bank is notified of the passing of the account holder, the joint account will be frozen*. Upon closure of the account by the surviving account holder, all existing GIRO arrangement will be terminated.

*Upon tagging of “Account Frozen”, all operations of the account will be restricted i.e. no withdrawal will be permitted from the account, including GIRO arrangements and other payment arrangements.

What you need to take note if Personal Representative is located overseas

1. Does the Personal Representative need to be physically present at the branch to request for the closure of the deceased account(s)?

In situations where it is not feasible for the Personal Representative to visit Singapore, they can mail in a written request to the bank with their specific needs.

2. What documents are required by the bank to update the customer’s deceased status and proceed with account closure?

The following documents must be submitted to us in original. Inked copies must also be certified as true copies through notarization by an advocate and solicitor or a notary public. We do not accept photocopies.

  • Copy of Death Certificate (notarized)
  • Copy of Grant of Probate/Letter of Administration (notarized) 
  • Copy of Grant of Probate/Letter of Administration
    (to be resealed in Singapore Court – if issued from overseas) 
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (If applicable, notarized) 
  • Copy of Passport/ID (Executor/Administrator, notarized) 
  • Original Account closure form (ink-signed, notarized) 
  • Original Telegraphic Transfer form (ink-signed, notarized) 

All documents must be in English. For non-English documents, please make ensure they are translated into English by an official translator.

3. Where to mail the above required documents?

Please mail the required documents to:

DBS Bank Ltd
T&O - SG CB Ops - Account & Channel Services
Attn: Judicial Management & Document Retrieval Team
2 Changi Business Park Crescent, 
#07-05, DBS Asia Hub Lobby B, 
Singapore 486029  

4. If I have obtained a Grant of Probate / Grant of Letters of Administration from overseas. Do I need to obtain a Grant in Singapore?

Yes, we will require a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration issued in the Singapore Court or a copy of the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration issued by the foreign court and resealed in the Singapore Court. You may wish to obtain advice from a Singapore lawyer on the requirements for the application process in Singapore Court.