We spoke to more than 6,000 people across Asia about your plans for the future.

Which career, where to holiday, when to get married, where to live or how to retire?

Watch the video and you’ll soon discover that our ambitions for the future are wide and varied but often not aligned. Simple gaps in our perceptions can be the cause of disconnect between our life goals versus our life achievements.

To bridge those gaps, we at DBS and Manulife have combined our financial expertise and insights to ensure you achieve the life you plan, no matter what the future holds.

Healthcare costs are 2x inflation? That’s way more than I planned for.

Cher Guan
(Pre-retiree, 58)

Climate change is the biggest health threat? I thought it’d be another pandemic.

(Young Professional, 33)

I never talk finances with my daughter. It’s just how I was raised.

(Mother, 45)

Let our Wealth Planning Managers shed light on the oversight you may have when planning for your future.

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