1. To view your fund holdings, click on ‘Wealth Management‘ in the top menu.


2. Then select ‘Investment Portfolios‘ where the funds are housed.


View Fund Holdings - Step 1, 2


3. To view your asset holdings in this portfolio, click ‘Holdings’.


View Fund Holdings - Step 3


4. You can choose your preferred holding view style by ‘Asset Class View’ or ‘Asset Type View’.


5. Click on ‘Fund‘ to view the Fund Holdings in this portfolio.


View Fund Holdings - Step 4, 5


6. In the ‘Asset Class View‘, equity funds are listed by category. Click on the different asset classes to view the fund holdings in each class.


7. You can also purchase or redeem funds from this view by selecting the ‘Buy‘ or ‘Sell‘ icons.


View Fund Holdings - Step 6, 7


8. Click on the '...' icon to view other options available.


View Fund Holdings - Step 8


9. Click on ‘Info’ for more detailed fund information. (See next screenshot for the sample of 'fund information')


View Fund Holdings - Step 9


Sample of fund information.


Sample of fund information


10. Click ‘View Transactions’ for related transaction history.


View Fund Holdings - Step 10


A summary of your pending and settled fund transactions will be displayed.


Summary of your fund transaction