Refinancing Your Private Property Loan

Make the most of refinancing to enjoy potential savings on your home loan. Let us work with you to find the loan that best suits your needs.

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Why refinance with DBS?

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    Wide Range of Home Loans to suit your needs

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    Transparent Rate pegged to SGD fixed deposit interest rate

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    Earn up to 2.68% p.a. on your savings with the DBS Multiplier Programme

Interest Rates

Fixed Rate Package

The complete assurance of a fixed rate for a number of years.

Fixed Deposit Home Rate 9 (FHR9) refers to the prevailing 9 months Singapore dollar fixed deposit interest rate of DBS Bank for amounts within S$1,000 to S$9,999 or such other sum as we may specify. The FHR9 is transparent and less volatile compared to market benchmark rate such as the SIBOR.

The current FHR9 is 0.25% p.a. The prevailing S$ fixed deposit rates can be found here.

Year 1:1.40% p.a. Fixed
Year 2:1.40% p.a. Fixed
Thereafter:FHR9 + 1.15% p.a.

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You can also consider these packages:

Fixed Rate Package

The complete assurance of a fixed rate for a number of years.

Year 1:1.68% p.a. Fixed
Year 2:1.68% p.a. Fixed
Year 3:1.68% p.a. Fixed
Thereafter:FHR9 + 1.55% p.a.

Floating Rate Package
(FHR 9) With 2 Years Lock-in

Year 1:FHR9 + 1.15% p.a.
Year 2:FHR9 + 1.25% p.a.
Year 3:FHR9 + 1.25% p.a.
Thereafter:FHR9 + 1.25% p.a.

Generate Funds with your Residential Property

Did you know you could use your property value to create extra funds for your personal or business use through a term loan?


Current property value S$1,000,000

Housing loan remaining S$200,000

Maximum Cash Out Up to S$600,000

(illustration is based on no CPF usage and only one mortgage loan)

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5 Simple Steps to Greater Savings

Some Handy Tips and Tools

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