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Sustainability Made Easier

One tap on your digibank app to take sustainable actions to track, offset, give and invest in a greener future.


Sustainability Made More Affordable

From our eco-friendly credit card, car and renovation loans, to selected sustainable investments and carbon projects, we’ve ensured our products and solutions are affordable for everyone.


Sustainability Made More Rewarding

A few small changes to your lifestyle can make a world of difference for our planet, and your wallet, so you feel good about going green with us!

Find out how you can play your part!

A Better World, Together

Living sustainably isn't easy. 73% of Singaporeans are willing to adopt a green lifestyle in a fuss-free and intuitive manner, but many have yet to discover the right channels to do so*.

That’s why we created LiveBetter on digibank, a new initiative for all of us to make a real impact on our world, together. Because living sustainably doesn't have to be inconvenient.

DBS Consumer Sustainability Survey, July 2021, n = 1025


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Here’s what you’ll find on LiveBetter

Track Better

From the food we eat to the way we travel; our carbon footprint seems to grow everywhere we go. With Singapore's first carbon conscious tool – you can now easily track your carbon footprint based on your DBS debit and credit card spending. ​

Find out how we’re calculating your carbon footprint here.



Offset Better

Please be informed that IRAS has announced that the sale of any carbon credit will no longer include GST as it will not be treated as a supply of goods or services from 23 Nov 2022. Any GST incurred when you Offset Better after 22 November 2022 will be refunded to you. For more information, please refer to IRAS |Carbon Credits


You recently chose to offset your carbon footprint via LiveBetter on digibank app. From 23 November 2022, IRAS has announced that the sale of any carbon credit will no longer include GST as it will not be treated as a supply of goods or services. As such, we have refunded the GST amount to you.

We have since removed the GST component when you choose to offset your carbon footprint via LiveBetter.

You can check your account statement for the refund. The amount will be reflected in your account transaction details as Offset Better GST.




Give Better

Do your bit to help create a better world. Discover more about local organisations and their social and environmental efforts, and contribute to make a difference anytime, anywhere.

From 22 April to 30 September, find out what our social enterprises are doing to make a positive impact to our environment and community, and how you can support it.



Invest Better

Growing your money doesn’t have to be at the expense of the environment. Be a force of good without compromising on your portfolio returns by investing in companies that are aligned with your values through our ESG funds.



Drive Better

Accelerate towards an electric future with our Green Car Loan. Apply now.



Spend Better

Save more money while going green. Earn an extra 5% Green Cashback on selected Eco-Eateries, Retailers and Transport Services with DBS Live Fresh Card, Singapore's first eco-friendly credit card that's made from 85.5% recycled plastic.

Or, you can also spend with our social enterprises on board, and support them in their championing for sustainable causes.

Renovate Better

Whether you’re revamping an existing home or making a new place your own, give your home a sustainable makeover with our all-new Green Renovation Loan.



Power Better

Concerned about rising bills as you work from home more? Don’t sweat it. Just switch to a green electricity provider on our Home and Living Marketplace to enjoy savings and reduce your carbon footprint.



Gift Better

Celebrate special occasions and preserve traditions sustainably with DBS Digital Gifts. Send eGifts to your loved ones instantly in just a few taps. You can also go cash free and share blessings in person with our QR Gift cards.



Know Better

From how to lead a greener lifestyle to adopting green habits, we’ve got you covered with simple eco-friendly tips that you can put into practice right away. Find out more from our short stories and featured articles on LiveBetter today.

Download DBS digibank now to LiveBetter.



Frequently Asked Questions

LiveBetter is a sustainability initiative by DBS that is empowering our users to Live more, Carbon less. Residing in the DBS digibank application, LiveBetter makes it easier, more affordable, and more rewarding for our users to take sustainable actions that count. Users can explore different ways of making a real impact towards building a sustainable future.

Currently, only DBS Mastercard/Visa debit/credit cards are taken into account during the carbon footprint calculation process.

Currently, there are no additional fees charged by DBS for carbon offsets transactions made via Offset Better. Customers will be informed if there are any changes.

Currently, users can invest in the following funds:

  1. BNP Paribas Global Environment
  2. Ninety One GSF Global Environment Fund
  3. AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio
  4. ​Manulife Sustainable Asia Bond Fund

Yes, all organisations have gone through DBS’ internal due diligence process. The organisations on the platform are governed by the Charities Act in Singapore and have an Institutions of Public Character (IPC) status. You may check the organisations’ status through the following link

All investments come with risks and not all funds are appropriate for every investor. If you have any questions about the fund, wealth planning, or our suite of investment advisory and discretionary portfolio management services, please seek assistance from your closest Branch/ Relationship Manager.
Please refer to the DBS Investment Disclaimer for further details


Sustainability For All

As we strive towards being the best bank for a better world, discover how else we’re going beyond banking to create a more sustainable and inclusive society for all.

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