DBS LiveBetter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveBetter?

LiveBetter is a sustainability initiative by DBS that is empowering our users to Live more, Carbon less. Residing in the DBS digibank application, LiveBetter makes it easier, more affordable, and more rewarding for our users to take sustainable actions that count. Users can explore different ways of making a real impact towards building a sustainable future.

What modes of payment are eligible for calculation of my carbon footprint?​

Currently, only DBS Mastercard/Visa debit/credit cards are taken into account during the carbon footprint calculation process.

​​Are there any additional fees charged by DBS when I purchase a carbon offset through Offset Better?

Currently, there are no additional fees charged by DBS for carbon offsets transactions made via Offset Better. Customers will be informed if there are any changes.

What are the funds available on Invest Better?

Currently, users can invest in the following funds:

  1. BNP Paribas Global Environment
  2. Ninety One GSF Global Environment Fund
  3. AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio
  4. ​Manulife Sustainable Asia Bond Fund
Are the charity organisations on the platform safe to donate to?

Yes, all organisations have gone through DBS’ internal due diligence process. The organisations on the platform are governed by the Charities Act in Singapore and have an Institutions of Public Character (IPC) status. You may check the organisations’ status through the following link

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