Understanding Your Loan Repayments

Monthly Repayments

Go towards paying down the principal and interest. They are payable from your loan servicing account on:

1ST of every month for private properties 15TH of every month for HDB flats

If the due date falls on a Sunday or gazetted public holiday, the instalment debiting will be made on the next working day.

Using your CPF for Loan Repayments

Revise your monthly repayment amount by applying at CPF website with your SingPass.

  • Private Property
    By 20th of the month for deduction in the following month
  • HDB
    7 working days prior to the deduction on 10th - 13th of the month.

Reprice Your Loan

Explore repricing your existing DBS Home Loan for interest savings or switch to a loan package that best suits your current need. Our repricing packages are as attractive as our new loan packages, as we appreciate our existing home loan customers for staying with us.

Repricing Packages

2-Year Fixed Rate Package
Year 1 1.30% p.a.
Year 2 1.30% p.a.
Year 3 and thereafter FHR6 + 1.60% p.a.
Commitment Period 2-Year Lock-in
5-Year Fixed-Flexi Rate Package
Year 1 1.50% p.a.
Year 2 1.50% p.a.
Year 3 1.50% p.a.
Year 4 1.50% p.a.
Year 5 1.50% p.a.
Year 6 and thereafter FHR6 + 1.60% p.a.
Commitment Period 5-Year Lock-in
Special Feature 1 FREE conversion after 30 months

2-Year Lock-in Floating Rate Package (Minimum Loan Amount $100,000)
Year 1 FHR6 + 1.05% p.a.
Year 2 FHR6 + 1.05% p.a.
Year 3 and thereafter FHR6 + 1.60% p.a.
Commitment Period 2-Year Lock-in
Special Feature Interest rate cap at 1.50% p.a. in Year 1 and Year 2

2-Year Lock-in Floating Rate Package (Minimum Loan Amount $1,000,000)
Year 1 FHR6 + 0.95% p.a.
Year 2 FHR6 + 0.95% p.a.
Year 3 and thereafter FHR6 + 1.60% p.a.
Commitment Period 2-Year Lock-in
Special Feature Interest rate cap at 1.40% p.a. in Year 1 and Year 2

FHR6 refers to the prevailing 6 months Singapore Dollar fixed deposit interest rate of DBS Bank for amounts S$1,000 to S$9,999 or such other sum as we may specify. FHR6 is currently 0.200% p.a.

Repricing your home loan is easier and faster, compared to refinancing your loan with another bank. Find out more here.

To learn more about fixed and floating rate packages, please click here.

After approval of your repricing request, you could now accept the offer online if all borrowers (including sureties) have a registered mobile number, email address and active Internet Banking with us. Click here to update your contact details.

Repricing Calculator

Find out how much you could save if you reprice.

Repricing calculator

Reprice my Loan

Repricing fees and prepayment charges (for loans within lock-in period) may apply. For fees and charges please click here.


Redeem Your Loan

Selling your property or paying off your mortgage? Here's a guide to help you redeem your home loan.

Selling your property

We hope you had a good experience with DBS Home Advice. Please appoint a law firm to handle the sale, and to serve the bank 3 months' notice to redeem your loan.

Paying off your mortgage

Have you considered harnessing the potential of your liquidity for maximum returns? Instead of paying off your mortgage, you may want to invest your funds in other DBS products that could earn you higher returns. Get in touch with us and our Relationship Manager will reach out to you soon.

Nevertheless, if you would like to proceed to pay off your loan, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Complete and submit this form 3 months before the intended redemption.

Step 2:
Appoint a law firm to discharge this mortgage. The title deed will be returned to you.

Switching to another bank

We are sad to know that you are thinking of switching to another bank. We would like to connect with you to see how we could better serve you. Please touch base with us.

Get In Touch


Partial Repayment (Repay your Loan)

Make an ad-hoc repayment to reduce your outstanding loan balance.

  • Minimum amount is S$10,000, in multiples of S$1,000.
  • Prepayment charges and/or clawback of fees will apply if the repayment is made within the commitment period.
  • For payment in cash, the repayment amount will be deducted from your loan servicing account. For payment using CPF funds, please give your instruction to CPF Board after submission of your request to us, via the CPF website. Steps to do so are available here.

Request Partial Repayment

What’s next?

You will receive a notification letter to inform you of the revised monthly instalment within two weeks after your partial repayment has been successfully processed. If you wish to revise your CPF monthly repayment amount, please do so via the CPF Website.

Changing your Loan Servicing Account

Complete the Loan Servicing Account Authorisation form and mail it to us.


Rates & Fees

  1. View latest SIBOR Rates
  2. View latest SORA Rates
  3. Fixed Deposit Home Rate (FHR)
    The Fixed Deposit Home Rate is calculated based on the prevailing fixed deposit interest rate of DBS Bank for amounts as stated in the Letter Of Offer. The prevailing S$ fixed deposit rates can be found here.
  4. Home Loan Fee Schedule
    Item Fee
    Change in loan tenure $250
    Safekeeping of title deed for facility that has been fully repaid $300 per year
    Request for Statements (per statement)
    Current year
    Previous 2 years
    More than 3 years
    Administrative fee for use of third-party insurer for property insurance $100 per year

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