Circuit breaker measures may mean a slightly different Ramadan this year, but technology can help keep traditions alive, such as sending duit raya safely from a distance.

DBS’ eGifts sends your love and blessings directly into the accounts of your loved ones. And when you eGift, you could receive a gift too.

Thank you taking part in the contest!

The contest has ended on 20 June 2020. Click here to view the list of the winners.

Between 24 May and 20 June 2020, the top 200 weekly users with the highest number of qualifying transactions at the end of each week will each receive a prize of S$18.

To participate, login to PayLah!, tap on ‘eGift’, enter the recipient’s mobile number and the duit raya amount, and send. Counts are limited to one per unique giver-receiver pair, with a minimum transaction amount of S$2. Each user can only win once.


How it works:

  1. Login to PayLah!
  2. Tap on the ‘eGift’ icon; or Tap on pay, and swipe to send an eGift
  3. Customise your eGift by writing a personalised message or choosing a personalised sticker
  4. Send!


Limited to one count per unique giver-receiver pair, with a minimum transaction amount of S$2. The top 200 weekly users are chosen based on the cumulative number of transactions over end of each week from 24 May to 20 June 2020.
Each user can only win one prize.

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