DBS QR Gift Contest for Deepavali Results
Thank you for participating in our new way of gifting this Deepavali! The list of winners for the DBS QR Gift Contest for Deepavali will be published by 30 December 2019.

To thank you for making history with us, view the promotions when you scan to pay with DBS PayLah!

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Win the grand prize of S$8,888 if you give or receive the highest number of qualifying QR Gifts from 1 October to 2 November 2019. There is also a daily prize of S$188 for the top 3 users with the highest number of qualifying transactions at the end of each day from 27 October to 2 November 2019.

Here's how a transaction counts:

Giver – Scan and load money into the QR Gift via DBS PayLah!, and give the QR Gift packet to a loved one.

Receiver – Scan and receive your money via the QR Gift by 2 November 2019.

Can't get your hands on the DBS QR Gift? Send your loved ones an eAng Bao via DBS PayLah! this Deepavali instead!

You can send an eAng Bao by tapping on the ‘Pay’ button at the Homepage, and toggle on the ‘Send as eAng Bao’ button. Your transaction will be sent as an eAng Bao.

Limited to one count per unique giver-receiver pair, with a minimum transaction amount of S$2. The top 3 daily winners are chosen based on the cumulative number of transactions over the qualifying period from 27 October to 2 November 2019. eAngBao transactions do not qualify for the QR Gift Contest.

Each user can only win one prize.

Terms and conditions apply.

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