Winners for TapLah! between 12 February and 26 February 2021 and TapLah! Bonus Round

We hope you enjoyed the convenience of gifting with DBS Digital Gifts this Chinese New Year and playing the Chinese New Year TapLah! game!

Click here to view the list of Grand and Daily Prize winners and

Click here to view the list of winners for the Bonus Round on 6th March.

How to play TapLah!


Check your score and view leaderboard


*Limited to one chance per unique customer who has completed at least 1 qualifying transaction between 16 January 2021 and 26 February 2021. The top 10 winners are chosen based on the highest scores at the end of the day on 6 March 2021. Should there be an identical score, the user who has attained the score first would rank higher, based on the timestamp as captured in DBS’ system.

Each user can only win one Bonus prize.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Preserve Tradition & Embrace Sustainability with DBS Digital Gifts this Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year may be a little different, but with DBS QR Gift (also known as QR Hong Bao) and eGift you can still share prosperity with the same tradition! Bringing a modern twist whilst still preserving the tradition of giving, DBS QR Gift and eGift are the safer and simpler way to gift to your friends and family.

Whether physically gifting a QR Gift, or sending virtual well-wishes with eGift, there’s an option for however you want to give this Chinese New Year.

Gift in person with DBS QR Gift (also known as DBS QR Hong Bao)


Prefer the personal touch of a physical hong bao? Choose the safer, faster option and opt for DBS QR Gift. Save time by bulk loading multiple DBS QR Gift on your PayLah! app. Even kids and teens can now sign up for PayLah!, with parental consent, and receive and redeem your gift with a simple scan.

Even if your friends or family members are not DBS customers, they can still receive your QR Gift as long as they have registered for PayNow. So everyone can receive a DBS QR Gift!

What’s more, with QR Gift there’s no need for additional red packets as they’re designed to be gifted on their own. You and your loved ones can also do your part for the environment by recycling used QR Gift at our recycling points made available in any DBS bank branch, islandwide. Have leftover QR Gift cards? Keep them for other occasions such as birthdays, baby showers and even weddings!


Scan your QR Gift cards with DBS PayLah! and load up to 10 QR Gift cards in one go


Choose a personalised greeting, and festive animations, when you load your QR Gift


To redeem a QR Gift, simply scan the QR Code and receive your gift via PayLah! or PayNow. Everyone can receive a QR Gift, even non-DBS Customers.

DBS QR Gift (QR Hong Bao) is available for free, while stocks last!

Collect your DBS QR Gift (QR Hong Bao) for free from any DBS branch or pop-up ATM. You can also pick up from any Esso Service Station islandwide.

Scan to load QR Gift cards


How to redeem DBS QR Gift cards via PayLah!


How to redeem DBS QR Gift cards via PayNow (avail for non-DBS customers)


Go 100% digital with DBS eGift


Let your loved ones know you're thinking of them this Chinese New Year, even if you can’t be there to celebrate in person. Send an eGift safely to anyone, anywhere, at any time – put a smile on their faces with a surprise eGift!


Write a personalised greeting, and pair it with a fun festive sticker!


Get notified when you receive an eGift, and instantly receive the gift amount into your PayLah! wallet

Simply select “Pay” or “eGift” from the homepage of your PayLah! app to send one!

How to send eGift


Not on PayLah! yet? Download today!

Get S$5 when you download and register with promo ‘FIVELAH’ from now till 31 March 2021. For full terms and conditions, click here.

Download and register today for more convenience!

Find out more about DBS PayLah! here.

Monies in DBS PayLah! will be a deposit. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75k by SDIC.

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