Good news, DBS Remit have partnered with Alipay to make overseas transfers to China even easier for you!

Whether it’s sending money to family or making an online purchase, simply select Alipay and enter your recipient’s mobile number to enjoy same-day transfers to China at S$0 fees! Available via DBS Remit on your digibank app.

Quick and hassle-free transfers with the World’s Best Digital Bank:

Make a transfer in 3 steps:

  1. Tap Overseas Transfer
  2. Enter amount and recipient
  3. Review transfer details and tap Transfer Now to send money to Alipay users in China at S$0 fees



Need help adding an overseas funds transfer recipient? Follow this step-by-step guide.

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Ant Group, its affiliates and the Alipay Brand (collectively, “Alipay”) are not providing you this remittance services in Singapore. Alipay partners with DBS Bank which is licensed to conduct remittances in this market, to facilitate the receipt of the remittances in the receiving market powered by Alipay’s technology