Returned Cheque Reasons

When a cheque could not be cleared, the receiver will receive an Image Return Document (IRD) stating reasons for the return.

The reason why the cheque was not cleared can be found in the bottom half of the IRD. Common reasons for return include:
  • Refer to drawer: Clarifications have to be sought from the person who issued the cheque.
  • Effects not cleared: There were incoming funds to the cheque issuer’s account but they did not clear in time to fund this cheque.
  • Exceeds Arrangement: The cheque amount may have exceeded the transfer limit on the issuer’s account. Please clarify with the cheque issuer.
  • Awaiting Banker’s Confirmation: It is pending issuer’s bank confirmation to release the payment.
For the above reasons, please liaise with the cheque issuer to confirm if the IRD can be re-deposited.

Re-Deposit Image Return Document

In the bottom half of the IRD, locate either:

  • This means that you can deposit this IRD at any DBS/POSB cheque deposit box (like a normal cheque) to get your funds. Kindly ensure that the conditions mentioned below the box are met.

  • This means that this IRD cannot be deposited. To get your funds, please make alternative arrangements with the cheque issuer (e.g. fund transfer or write a new cheque).

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