Using the iB Secure Device

Find out what the various buttons on your iB secure device are used for.

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The iB Secure Device keeps your transactions safe by enhancing security for specific services. You will be required to perform one of the following procedures when performing certain transactions.

iBanking Secure PIN (Login)

To access services such as Transaction History, Bill Payment or Funds Transfer, you will need an iBanking One-Time Password (OTP).

Sign 1

For transactions such as "Add New Recipient" or "Funds Transfer to Existing Recipients", you may be required to enter the required transaction details into your iB Secure Device when prompted.

Sign 2 + Sign 1

For transactions such as "Ad-hoc Bill Payment to Financial Institutions", you may be required to enter the details into the iB Secure Device.


For transactions such as "Enabling Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Access" and "Remittance Application", you may be required enter the iB Secure PIN generated by your iB Secure Device into the required field on the iBanking Page.

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