Logging in to iBanking for the First Time

Log in to iBanking with your temporary User ID and PIN to personalize your account. Register your DBS iB Secure Device once prompted and start using iBanking immediately.

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If you have already set your iBanking PIN and received your temporary iBanking User ID (eg. P12345678).

Log in to iBanking and follow these steps:

  • Enter your temporary iBanking User ID and iBanking PIN.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services once agreeable and click Next.
  • Input your preferred iBanking User ID (Must be 5-20 alphanumeric characters).
  • Click Next.
  • Verify your details and click Submit.

Registering your DBS iB Secure Device after successful first time login

Register your device easily via iBanking:

  • Click Request.
  • Click More Request.
  • Under Other Services, click iB Secure Device Registration.
  • Key in the Serial Number, found at the back of your DBS iB Secure Device.
  • Key in the Registration Code, found in the letter sent together with your DBS iB Secure Device.
  • Press the button on your iB Secure Device and enter the Token One-Time-Password (OTP) displayed on your DBS iB Secure Device.

If you do not have a iBanking User ID or PIN, please click here, followed by the "Get Started" button to get started.

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