Amend or Cancel your Overseas Funds Transfer

Visit any DBS/POSB Branch with your NRIC/Passport to apply for an amendment or cancellation of your wrong transfer.

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For transfers to locations where DBS Remit is available

  • You will not be able to amend or cancel your overseas transfer online transaction after you have submitted.

For transfers to all other locations

  • Please note amendment and/or cancellation is on a best effort basis and the following charges will apply.
    • For Amendment: There is a charge of S$30 per transaction, plus any agent bank charges. You may also incur additional FX losses for recalling the transfer.
    • For Cancellation: There is a charge of S$35 per transaction, plus any agent bank charges.

More information

  • Currency and Amount cannot be amended. For such cases, request for cancellation of payment and submit a new payment request.
  • Cancellation of payment can only be done if the funds have not been credited into the recipient's account.
  • Any refund made will be subjected to the prevailing exchange rates.

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