Manage DBS PayLah! Notifications

To keep you informed on your PayLah! Transfers, we have enabled email notifications whenever you perform an outgoing payment via DBS PayLah!.

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  • Log in to DBS PayLah! with your Touch / Face ID or PayLah! Password.
  • Select More on the bottom right and select Settings.
  • Select Manage Notifications.
  • Toggle the Outgoing Payments Switch to enable / disable notifications to be sent to your registered email address.
  • Set your preferred Threshold Limit to trigger the notifications*.

  • *Maximum threshold limit can be set up to S$999 for Myinfo registered users and S$2,000 for digibank registered users. To receive notifications for all outgoing payments, set your threshold limit at S$0.
  • To change your registered email address, refer to Update Email Address.

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