Apply for a Recurring Bill Payment Arrangement

You can add a recurring bill payment arrangement on your Credit Card with the participating billing organisations using digibank Online.

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Important information

  • The minimum amount for recurring bill payments to credit card billing organisations is SGD5.
  • You may also sign up for a recurring bill payment arrangement directly with billing organisations who offer this service.
  • To cancel a recurring bill payment arrangement, you will have to liaise directly with the billing organisations.

How to Apply for a Recurring Bill Payment Arrangement

digibank Online
Step 1
Log in to digibank Online with your User ID & PIN.
Step 2
Complete the Authentication Process.
Step 3
Under Pay, click on Add Recurring Bill Payment.
Step 4
Select the Billing Organisation and input the Bill Reference, Amount, Frequency. Select the DBS/POSB Card that you wish to make payment from. Click on Next.
Step 5
Verify the details and click Submit to complete the transaction.

Participating Billing Organisations

  • Refer to the list of Participating Billing Organizations where you can easily apply for recurring payment arrangements via digibank here.

More information

  • With effect from 2 July 2017, DBS Points will not be awarded for Community Chest, MSIG, Prudential and Town Councils recurring bill payment.
  • DBS/POSB Cards Terms and Conditions apply.
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