Check Home Loan Interest for Tax Filing

Find out the total interest charged for last year on your home loan in your DBS/POSB December Consolidated Statement or eStatement via digibank Online.

To find out the Total Interest Charged for last year:

  • Refer to either the December Consolidated Statement or eStatement via digibank Online and look for Total Interest Charged.
  • For customers with multiple sub-loans, refer to both sub-loan accounts in the December Consolidated statement or eStatement to add up the Total Interest Charged respectively.
  • If any sub-loan(s) was redeemed during the year, please refer to the detailed statement of account sent after the closure of the sub-loan(s).
  • Note: ANZ migrated customers will need to refer to both their ANZ Final Statement, issued in August 2017, and the DBS Consolidated Statement to obtain the total Interest Charged for the full year of 2017.

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