Understand your Home Loan Transaction History

Learn how to obtain and understand your mortgage loan transaction history via digibank Online.

  • Log in to digibank Online. Under My Accounts, select your Mortgage Loan Account.
  • 1. Your total outstanding mortgage loan balance.
  • 2. Details of your Mortgage Loan
    • Property Address
    • Monthly Instalment Amount
    • Monthly Instalment Due Date
    • Outstanding Balance
    • Undisbursed Loan Amount
  • 3. Repayment
    • Repayment: Cash repayment deducted from your loan servicing account.
    • Repayment (CPF): CPF repayment deducted from your CPF Account. Each borrower's repayments will be shown individually.
    • Monthly repayments occur on the 1st of every month for private properties and 15th of every month for HDB flats. If the due date falls on a Sunday or a gazetted public holiday, the instalment debiting will be made on the next working day.
  • 4. Disbursement: Amount disbursed by the bank.
  • 5. Interest: Interest charged for different periods. As the mortgage loan interest is computed on a daily reset basis, interest computation will be revised if any repayment (including partial repayment), disbursement or change in interest rate occur during the month.

    For example:
    • 19 Nov 2018 interest transaction: Interest calculated from 1 Nov 2018 to 19 Nov 2018, based on the revised outstanding principal after the instalment payment on 1 Nov 2018.
    • 30 Nov 2018 interest transaction: Interest calculated from 20 Nov 2018 to 30 Nov 2018 base on the revised outstanding principal after the disbursement on 20 Nov 2018.

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