Positive Impact through your investments

Sustainable investments are on track to become mainstream as investors recognize that there need not be a trade-off between returns and making positive impact. Here at DBS, we are committed to ensuring that every investor is aware of the role of sustainability and support you in integrating it in your portfolio.

To get started, hear from our Chief Sustainability Officer, Mikkel Larsen, on the future of sustainable investing.

Sustainability is increasingly playing an integral role in investors’ decision-making, investment philosophy and process. We believe it is here to stay, and for good reasons. Read on to find out more about ESG investing.

The Time is Now

Understand what “sustainable investing” means and why it matters.

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Fact vs Fiction

We debunk common misconceptions about sustainable investing.

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ESG Rating: Understanding & Using It

Adding an ESG lens can help you identify fundamental sustainability risks, when evaluating an investment product.

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ESG, SRI and Impact Investing

What’s the difference?

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Sustainable Investing Strategies

A guide to four common strategies toward positive change.

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ESG Investments on the Rise

With the growing trend of ESG investments, read these Research Reports for more information on how to integrate impact investing into your portfolio.


Creating Social Impact

Beyond sustainable investing, our clients have worked with social enterprises to contribute to society’s needs, give back to the communities and create more social impact. Our clients have embarked on a journey to make a difference to many lives. Read on to find out how they do it.

Supporting the Marginalised

Deeply touched by the story of Bettr Barista, a DBS client made the decision to support the marginalised women and youths-at-risk by sustaining their employment with Bettr Barista.

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Advocating Social Entrepreneurship

A strong advocate for social entrepreneurship, Mr Lam Nguyen-Phuong believes that the future of business is one that pursues both purpose and profitability. He shares his motivation for doing good while doing well.

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Reducing Food Waste

3 rising youths set out to reduce food waste and started GreenPrice, a social enterprise based in Hong Kong. Find out how the DBS Foundation Grant Programme supports their growth and impact in reducing food waste.

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Supporting Social Enterprise

How did an ex-offender leave a life of crime to set up a social enterprise to bring change to many others like him? Anil David shares his vision and how a leopard can change its spots.

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