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Complements MediShield Life to provide more protection


Provides as charged coverage at public or private hospitals


Covers pre and post hospitalisation treatment charges


MediShield Life is a basic insurance scheme, designed to give adequate coverage for stays in Class B2 or C wards in public hospitals. However, there are certain medical scenarios where patients would need to pay cash (as a top-up to MediShield Life) or use their Medisave account for their Hospital stay or medical treatment.

MyShield plan is an additional cover that integrates and complements the benefits of MediShield Life. This provides you with wider and higher coverage for the medical expenses incurred.


Features & Benefits

  • As charged1 coverage at public or private hospitals - this means you will not be restricted by MediShield Life's claim limits and have all your eligible expenses reimbursed
  • Covers hospital stays in Private ward, Class A (1 bedder) and B1 wards (4 bedder) in public and private hospitals2
  • Covers Pre and post hospitalisation treatment3 as charged1 for up to 90 days prior to admission or after discharge
  • Covers the treatment received in the Accident and Emergency department4 within 24 hours prior to your hospital admission
  • Covers Emergency overseas inpatient treatment5 as charged1 – pegged up to the costs of Mount Elizabeth Orchard hospital
  • Choice to select your preferred doctor for treatment
  • Guaranteed renewability and lifetime cover, with an annual claim limit up to S$650,000
  • Free medical coverage for up to 4 children6
  • Opportunity to cover past medical concerns based on moratorium underwriting7
  • Covers hospital admission deposit up to S$10,000, through Letter of Guarantee (LOG)8 for 18 hospitals including private hospitals

You can use your Medisave funds9 to purchase a MyShield plan.
Other features include:

  • Stay in Community hospital10 for up to 45 days per policy year
  • Covers Inpatient pregnancy complications11.
  • Covers major outpatient treatments12 including chemotherapy and kidney dialysis – as charged1
  • Living donor organ transplant13 up to S$50,000 per lifetime

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How to Apply

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1For Singapore citizens only.
2Includes treatment fees, meals, prescriptions, medical consumables, doctor's attendance fees, medical examinations, laboratory tests and miscellaneous medical charges. 
3Classified according to their level of complexity, which increases from Table 1 to Table 7. 

  • Intravascular electrodes used for electrophysiological procedures
  • Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Balloons
  • Intra-aortic balloons (or Balloon Catheters)
  • Intraocular lens for cataracts

5Radiosurgery includes Novalis radiosurgery and Gamma Knife treatments which can be performed as an inpatient or day surgery procedure. The applicable annual deductible and pro-ration factor for radiosurgery will depend on its classification as an inpatient or day surgery procedure. 
6Major organ transplant benefit covers charges for transplant of cornea, kidney, heart, liver, lung or bone marrow and includes costs of acquiring the organ from a deceased donor. Costs and expenses of acquiring the organ from a living donor are not covered. 
7Treatment must be received within 14 days following the accident. Pre-hospital treatment received before and post-hospital treatment received after accident inpatient dental treatment are not covered. 
8Upon referral from the attending doctor in a restructured hospital / private hospital for immediate admission to a community hospital for continuous stay. The treatment in the community hospital must arise from the same injury or illness that resulted in the life assured's inpatient treatment in the restructured hospital or private hospital. 
9Pre-hospital treatment received before and post-hospital treatment received after inpatient congenital anomalies treatment are not covered. 
10Inpatient pregnancy complications benefit covers charges the life assured has to pay for the following complications in pregnancy:

  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • pre-eclampsia or eclampsia;
  • disseminated intravascular coagulation; or
  • miscarriage after 13 weeks of pregnancy which must not be due to a voluntary or malicious act.

Pre-hospital treatment received before and post-hospital treatment received after inpatient pregnancy complications treatment are not covered. 
11Living donor organ transplant benefit covers charges for major organ transplants of the kidney or liver where the life assured is a living donor. Pre-hospital treatment received before and post-hospital treatment received after living donor organ transplant are not covered. 
12Pre-hospital treatment received before and post-hospital treatment received after inpatient psychiatric treatment are not covered. 
13We pay for inpatient treatment resulting from an emergency while overseas. Pre-hospital treatment received before and post-hospital treatment received after emergency overseas treatment are not covered.

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