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ManuSignature One - Whole Life Insurance for you

Build your legacy to continue supporting those who are most precious to you.

ManuSignature One - whole life insurance

Get started with ManuSignature One – this single premium1 whole life insurance plan helps you preserve and grow the wealth that you have built over the years, so your legacy can continue to support those who are most precious to you.

How the plan can benefit you:

  • One-time premium for a lifetime of protection
  • High coverage of up to 3X2 your chosen Sum Insured
  • Guaranteed cash value of 80% of your single premium from day 1
  • Protects and grows your hard-earned wealth with non-guaranteed bonuses
  • Helps to distribute your wealth for legacy planning

Choose from these two options for coverage that suits your needs:

Option 1

Ensures coverage against Death, Terminal Illness (TI), and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)3.

  • insurance coverage against death
  • insurance coverage against terminal illness
    Terminal Illness
  • insurance coverage against total and permanent disability
    Total and Permanent Disability

Option 2

Provides coverage against Death and Terminal Illness (TI)3.

  • death insurance coverage
  • terminal illness insurance coverage
    Terminal Illness

This plan can help you with the possible needs of:

  • insurance for wealth protection
    Wealth Preservation
  • legacy planning
    Legacy Enhancement
  • gifting for children
    Business Continuity

For more information, visit your DBS Treasures Private Client centre or

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1 Subject to a minimum Sum Insured of S$150,000.
2 Applicable entry age 0 to 35 years.
3 For Death and TI, the coverage is up till the Policy Anniversary immediately after the 99th birthday of the Life Insured. For TPD, the coverage is only up till the Policy Anniversary immediately after the 65th birthday of the Life Insured.

Information is correct as at 24 July 2017.

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