2Q18 Outlook: Mind the Bends

The first quarter saw a sudden shift in market sentiment – from optimism in January to extreme caution in February and March, on the back of a potentially more hawkish Federal Reserve and growing concern of a global trade war.

But before jumping the gun and concluding that the nine-year bull has turned into a bear, we need to look at the fundamentals squarely.

We stay constructive on risk assets, even though it is likely the days of low volatility are behind us.

How should portfolios navigate market gyrations? We believe a targeted and long-term investment approach is paramount.

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Investment Insights

DBS Model Portfolios, developed in consultation with Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited, are diversified across many types of asset classes and investment styles to benefit from top performing asset classes and reduce impact of lower performing asset classes.

Low Risk Portfolio

Low Risk PortfolioCapturing some capital growth with low risk exposure.

Medium Risk Portfolio

Medium Risk PortfolioCapturing modest capital growth through a balanced risk-and-return approach.

High Risk Portfolio

High Risk PortfolioMaximising capital growth potential through exposure to a large portion in risky assets.

Investment Outlook: 3Q-2017

Investment Outlook: 3Q-2017Desperately Seeking Value


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