At a Glance

Review your portfolio at a glance

Monitor your portfolio and manage your investing cash flow

Track your trades any time

Review your transaction history and track the performance of your investments with ease

Get timely notifications and price alerts

Make decisions with insights and research customised to your preferences and holdings.


Why you need a Wealth Management Account

Setting up a separate DBS Wealth Management Account dedicated to investing activities has many benefits over using your savings account to invest. It allows you to instantly track the performance of your investments, manage your investing cashflow and review your portfolio at a glance. With a consolidated view of all your holdings, you need not manually tally each investment transaction to create your own portfolio view and calculate your unrealised profit or loss.


Features and benefits

  • Your budget for investments is kept separated from daily expenses, so you won’t accidentally spend it.
  • When opportunities arise, topping up funds to trade is quick and easy
  • Easy monitoring and reviewing of your wealth management portfolio
  • Timely notifications and price alerts help you stay on the pulse of the market
  • Make better decisions with insights and research based on your preferences and holding.

Managing your Portfolio


How to Apply

Contact me To open a WMA for trading.

Note: For information on applicable fees, please refer to DBS Treasures Pricing Guide.

FAQs about Custody Fees

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