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Our Funds Selection Team conducts rigorous research to offer you insights and expert analysis of over 180 funds.

DBS Funds Selection Team

Our Funds Selection Team (FST) conducts rigorous research to identify funds with long-term qualitative advantage as well as offer insights and expert analysis so that you can invest with ease. The FST regularly interacts with fund managers to evaluate and assess funds based on their:

  • Track record, experience and management: Understanding a fund’s team and history is core to the assessment process. In particular, the FST will gauge the fund team’s competency, team dynamics, as well as alignment of interests between the fund manager and its investors.
  • Investment strategy in maximising returns: Portfolio composition is reviewed over time to take into consideration trends and biases. The FST evaluates the details and effort involved in the investment process and benchmark it against competitors to determine the fund manager’s investment acumen.
  • Past and current performance as well as long-term returns potential: The FST identifies key contributing factors of the fund’s past and current performance. This will help gauge the fund manager’s competency as well as ascertain sustainability of the fund’s current performance.

With the above, the FST makes an assessment of the fund and then assigns a conviction rating. This rating reflects the FST’s assessment of the fund’s competitive advantage and level of conviction on the fund performing well with respect to the following:

  • Relative to its peers;
  • The asset class’ benchmark; and
  • Over the next 18 to 36 months.

All positively-rated funds are monitored at least monthly and reviewed semi-annually. However, investors should note that the rating is not a view on funds as an asset class nor is it a guarantee of a fund’s performance.

Funds conviction level and rating:

The higher the conviction rating, the better the FST expects the fund to perform.

Focus Funds

Focus Funds are the FST’s shortlist of positively-rated funds that are aligned with bank’s current investment views. Updated quarterly, this list serves to guide investors navigating multiple investment opportunities that are topical.

Look out for Focus Funds when using the Fund Search tool. When you have selected your preferred fund, click "Buy Now" to transact via iWealth.

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