Terms and Conditions

The DBS Points Redemption Programme ("the Programme")

1. Participation

1.1 All Principal Cardmembers of American Express®, MasterCard or Visa Credit and/or charge Cards issued by DBS Bank Ltd ("DBS") may participate in the Programme, except:
i. Cardmembers of the DBS Corporate Liability Card (MasterCard Corporate/Executive and Visa Corporate/Business), DBS Purchasing Card, Country Club Corporate Card, DBS Saab Credit Card, DBS CapitaCard Credit/Debit Card and DBS Debit Cards;
ii. Cardmembers of the POSB MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards;
iii. Such Cards as DBS may exclude from the Programme from time to time at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.

1.2 A Principal Cardmember residing in Singapore and whose Card Account(s) is/are in good standing, as determined by DBS in its sole discretion, is entitled to participate in the Programme as at the date of commencement of the Programme.

1.3 If the Principal Cardmember's Card Account is terminated at any time, for any reason, whether by the Principal Cardmember or DBS, the Principal Cardmember and the Supplementary Cardmember will forthwith be disqualified from participating in the Programme and all unused DBS Points then accrued, shall automatically be cancelled immediately and no longer be available for use by the Cardmember; such DBS Points shall not be transferable to any other Card Account (whether relating to the Cardmember or any other person).

1.4 If a Supplementary Card is terminated at any time for any reason, the Principal Cardmember shall not, unless otherwise specified by DBS, be disqualified from participating in the Programme.

2. Issuance and Redemption of DBS Points

2.1 DBS Points shall be awarded to the Principal Cardmember based on the amount of retail purchases charged to the Card Account on a per transaction basis, rounded down to the nearest whole number.

2.2 DBS Points shall be awarded when the retail purchase transaction is posted to the Card Account.

2.3 The eligible Principal Cardmember will be awarded with one (1) DBS Point for every S$5 charged to the Card Account(s) for retail purchases of each DBS Credit Card issued to the Principal Cardmember and to the Supplementary Cardmember(s) of the Principal Cardmember, with the exception of DBS Black American Express® Card which will be awarded two (2) DBS Points for every S$5 charged to the Card Account for retail purchases, DBS Woman’s Platinum Cardmembers earn five (5) DBS Points for every S$5 online retail purchase, DBS Woman’s World Cardmembers earn ten (10) DBS Points for every S$5 online retail purchase and three (3) DBS Points for every S$5 foreign retail purchase, DBS Altitude Cardmembers earn three (3) DBS Points and five (5) DBS Points for every S$5 local and overseas spend respectively. Local spend is identified as card transactions posted in Singapore dollars. Overseas spend is identified as card transactions posted in foreign currencies, DBS Treasures Black Elite Cardmembers earn three (3) DBS Points and six (6) DBS Points for every S$5 local and foreign retail purchase respectively and DBS Insignia Cardmembers earn four (4) DBS Points for every S$5 retail purchase.

2.4 DBS Points earned by the Supplementary Cardmember will be credited to the Card Account of the Principal Cardmember and may be used only by the Principal Cardmember for the redemption of rewards and benefits under the Programme ("Rewards").

2.5 DBS Points will not be awarded for AXS terminals/online/iBanking bill payment transactions, fund transfer transactions, cash advances, annual fees, interest, late payment charges, all fees charged by DBS, instalment payment plans, preferred payment plans and other miscellaneous charges imposed by DBS (unless otherwise stated in writing by DBS).

2.6 The DBS Points awarded to and redeemed by a Cardmember will be stated in the Card Account statement of the Cardmember, and may be corrected or revised by DBS at any time to correct any errors in the computation of DBS Points. Where any charge posted to any Card Account is reversed or re-credited (whether in whole or in part), the DBS Points awarded in respect of the amount reversed or re-credited will be cancelled.

2.7 DBS Points earned may not be transferred to any other Card Account of the Principal Cardmember, or to any third party, and are not exchangeable for cash or credit.

2.8 DBS Points awarded in the first year commencing from the date the Card Account is opened ("Account Open Date"), shall be redeemable only during the period of up to 12 months from the date the Card Account is opened (which will be reflected as the expiry date on the Credit Card statement), failing which the points will expire and be reduced to zero. Points earned in each successive year will expire a year from the earned date, with the exception of DBS Treasures Black Elite American Express® Card, DBS Altitude American Express® Card and DBS Insignia DBS Points, which will have no expiry. For the avoidance of doubt, points that have expired cannot be used under the DBS Points Redemption Programme and/or transferred to any loyalty or frequent flyer programme as DBS may from time to time make available in conjunction with the DBS Points Redemption Programme.

2.9 If a Cardmember has more than one (1) Card, DBS Points earned on all Card Accounts may be aggregated for purposes of redemption of Rewards under the Programme.

3. Rewards Redemption

3.1 DBS Points may be used, subject to the terms in this Agreement, only by the Principal Cardmember to whom the DBS Points were awarded, and only for the following purposes:
i. To secure a voucher ("Redemption Voucher") which may be redeemed for Rewards;
ii. Be converted for use in such other loyalty and or Frequent Flyer Programmes as DBS may from time to time make available in conjunction with the DBS Points Redemption Programme; and/or
iii. For full waiver of the annual fee for any eligible DBS Principal Credit Card, provided that Cardmembers select the annual fee option ONE month before such annual fee is due. Any redemption to waive part of the annual fee is not permitted.

3.2 The Principal Cardmember may redeem Rewards by contacting DBS at telephone number 1800 111 1111 and following the stated procedures or such other redemption channel or procedure as DBS may from time to time specify. The Cardmember agrees that the use of any particular channel shall be governed by the terms and conditions then in force.

3.3 Subject to availability and provided that the Principal Cardmember has sufficient DBS Points for the Reward(s) requested, DBS will issue a Redemption Voucher. The Redemption Voucher will be sent by ordinary surface mail to the Principal Cardmember's billing address at the sole risk of the Cardmember.

3.4 Cardmembers are not permitted to request for Redemption Vouchers to be sent via other types of mail/ mail service (other than ordinary surface mail). Requests for Redemption Vouchers to be re-directed or sent to any address other than the Principal Cardmember's billing address will not be entertained.

3.5 No instruction by the Cardmember regarding the use of any DBS Points can be altered, reversed or cancelled once the Redemption Voucher is issued. Vouchers once redeemed are not refundable, nor exchangeable for cash, DBS Points, or for any other Reward.

3.6 DBS is not liable for lost/damaged/stolen/expired Redemption Vouchers. However, DBS may (but is not obliged to), in its sole discretion, entertain a request by the Principal Cardmember to re-issue a lost/damaged/stolen/expired voucher, or exchange a Redemption Voucher for another. In the event DBS agrees to such a request, DBS reserves the right to impose an administrative charge of S$10 per voucher.

4. Use of Redemption Vouchers

4.1 The use of the Redemption Voucher is subject to the terms and conditions stated herein and in the relevant section of the Programme catalogue (which may be revised from time to time without prior notice) and such other restrictions and/or conditions as may be imposed by the merchant in relation to which the Redemption Voucher may be used to pay for or obtain goods and/or services of that merchant ("the Merchant").

4.2 The Principal Cardmember may use the Redemption Voucher himself/herself or permit a Supplementary Cardmember to use the Redemption Voucher. To redeem a Reward, the Cardmember must present the original Redemption Voucher, NRIC and his/her DBS credit card at the relevant participating merchant(s). A Supplementary Cardmember may redeem the Reward provided the Voucher bears the Principal Cardmember's authorised signature and Card Account number.

4.3 Unless otherwise stated, all Redemption Vouchers are denominated in Singapore Dollars and multiple Redemption Vouchers may be used in the redemption of any one Reward at one visit. Where stipulated by the participating merchant, a minimum purchase per usage of a Redemption Voucher must be met.

4.4 Each Redemption Voucher must be presented to the Merchant within the validity period stated therein and shall cease to be valid after the end of the validity period and no refunds, payments, replacements or exchanges shall be permitted or entertained.

4.5 In the event a participating merchant is, for any reason, unable to supply the goods or services as specified in the Redemption Voucher, the participating merchant shall be entitled to substitute goods or services of equivalent value for the goods or services specified in any product voucher.

4.6 If any amount is payable by the Cardmember to the Merchant in connection with the use of any Redemption Voucher, the amount (subject to GST) shall be paid with a DBS Credit Card. No refund shall be given if the value of the payment voucher exceeds the value of the goods or services paid for with the payment voucher.

4.7 The Cardmember shall be responsible for making any reservations or other arrangements as may be appropriate or required, and paying any ancillary costs associated in connection with using any Redemption Voucher.

4.8 The use of any Redemption Voucher shall constitute a purchase of goods or services by the person using the Redemption Voucher from the Merchant supplying such goods or services, and DBS assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the acts or default of the Merchant (including the failure of the Merchant to honour any Redemption Voucher) or in respect of any defect or deficiency in the goods or services for which any Redemption Voucher is redeemed. DBS is not an agent of the Merchant. Any disputes about quality or performance should be resolved directly with the Merchant.

4.9 If any of the DBS Points used by the Principal Cardmember to secure a Redemption Voucher are, after the Redemption Voucher is issued, cancelled pursuant to any revision or correction by DBS, the Principal Cardmember shall pay DBS the amount of the voucher (in the case of a payment voucher), or the value of the goods or services described on the voucher (in the case of a product voucher) and DBS may debit the Card Account of the Principal Cardmember with the appropriate sum without further notice to the Cardmember.

4.10 If DBS issues a replacement Redemption Voucher to the Cardmember for any reason, the Cardmember shall no longer be entitled to use the original Redemption Voucher. Should both the original and replacement Redemption Vouchers be redeemed, DBS may debit the Cardmember's account with the value of the replacement Redemption Voucher, without further notice to the Cardmember.

5. DBS Rewards Frequent Flyer Programme ("FFP")

5.1 If the Principal Cardmember participates in the DBS Rewards Frequent Flyer Programme, the provisions of this clause 5 shall apply.

5.2 Participation in the FFP is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual airline's frequent flyer programme.

5.3 To participate in the FFP, the Principal Cardmember must successfully enroll or be enrolled in the FFP with DBS. An enrolment fee of S$42.80 (inclusive of GST) per annum (or such amount as may be specified by DBS from time to time) shall apply.

5.4 A Principal Cardmember who has enrolled in the FPP can effect mile transfers at the conversion rate of 1 DBS Point for 2 miles for Krisflyer and Airmiles; 1 DBS points for 3 BIG points or such rate as DBS may specify from time to time.

5.5 Each mile transferred by the Principal Cardmember to his designated airline's frequent flyer programme ("Transfer") must be to an account bearing his own name and subject to a minimum transfer of 5,000 DBS Points for Krisflyer and Airmiles and 500 DBS points for BIG Points respectively.

5.6 Cardmembers understand and agree that the Transfer process will usually take approximately 14 days for transfers to KrisFlyer and BIG points respectively and 3-4 weeks for transfers to Asia Miles. No urgent requests or cancellations will be entertained. Notwithstanding anything stated herein, DBS shall not be liable for any delay in the Transfer process for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation, delay due to incorrect information in the system or due to system constraints and errors).

5.7 The Principal Cardmember will not receive any Redemption Voucher or confirmation regarding the Transfer from DBS. However, the Cardmember may call the relevant individual airline for an update of accumulated miles.

5.8 DBS shall not be responsible for any fraud or unsuccessful transfer. In the latter case, the Cardmember's DBS Points shall be reinstated to his Card Account, as appropriate.

5.9 DBS shall not be responsible for the Cardmember's miles which have been successfully transferred or for the actions or failure of any participating airline in connection with its own frequent flyer programme.

5.10 The airlines that are participating in this FFP are subject to change without prior notice to Cardmembers.

6. General

6.1 DBS Points and Redemption Vouchers have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

6.2 DBS shall be entitled to treat all instructions, whether oral or in writing, relating to DBS Points or the use or redemption of DBS Points given or purported to be given to DBS by the Principal Cardmember (to whom the DBS Points were awarded) as the instructions of such Principal Cardmember, and to act in accordance with such instructions.

6.3 DBS shall have the absolute discretion to disclose information regarding the Cardmember and his Card Account to any third party for the purpose of this Programme.

6.4 DBS' decision on all matters and disputes concerning the DBS Points Redemption Programme shall be final and binding on the Cardmember.

6.5 DBS shall have the absolute discretion to use agents, contractors or correspondents to administer and/or implement the DBS Points Redemption Programme and DBS shall not be liable to any person for any act, omission or neglect on the part of such agents, contractors or correspondents.

6.6 The use and/or conversion of DBS Points may be subject to further terms and conditions or restrictions and DBS may, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, modify, suspend or terminate the Programme, and/or modify these terms and conditions in such manner as DBS considers fit.

6.7 DBS may notify the Cardmember of any such change(s) in the Terms and Conditions by publishing such changes in the Card Account statements to be sent to Cardmembers, posting such changes on the DBS website, or by such other means of communication as DBS may determine in its absolute discretion. Where the Cardmember or any of his/her Supplementary Cardmember(s) continues to use his/her Card after such notification, then the Cardmember and his/her Supplementary Cardmember(s) shall be deemed to have agreed with and accepted such change(s).

6.8 A person who is not an eligible participant of the DBS Points Redemption Programme may not enforce any of these terms under The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 2001 and notwithstanding any term herein, the consent of any third party is not required for any variation (including any release or compromise of any liability) or termination of this Agreement.

6.9 All capitalised words and expressions in this Agreement shall, unless otherwise defined herein, have the same meanings as defined in the DBS Card Agreement.

6.10 This Agreement is subject to Singapore law and you hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

6.11 The Programme catalogue is valid till 30 June 2015. All Redemption Vouchers issued under the Programme must be fully utilised no later than 30 Sep 2015 unless otherwise stated.