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DBS eStatements

Access your account statements anytime, anywhere with eStatements.

DBS eStatements

eStatements, the fast and easy way to access your account statements for Cards, Cashline and Deposit Accounts via iBanking, on the go.


  • Fast & Convenient: view up to past 7 years* statement online at your convenience instead of waiting for paper statements
  • Safe & Secure: only you can access your statements via our secure iBanking portal
  • Environmentally friendly: save paper, save trees and our environment

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eStatement Enquiry

You can make an enquiry on which of your eligible accounts have been enrolled for eStatement.

Cancel eStatement

You can cancel eStatements for accounts enrolled. Upon cancellation, you will receive paper-based statements of the selected accounts from the next statement cycle onwards and the statements will be mailed to your address as per our records.

Eligibility and Requirements

All you need is iBanking and an email address and you can receive eStatements for:

  • The following card accounts
    • DBS/POSB Credit Card Account (applicable for Principal Cardholder only)
    • DBS Corporate Card Account (applicable for Individual Cardholder only)
    • DBS/POSB Debit Card Account (applicable for POSB Savings Personal or Joint-alt Account only)
  • DBS Cashline Account (not applicable for Joint-alt Account)
  • The following deposit accounts in personal or joint alternate account type
    • DBS Autosave Account
    • DBS Current Account
    • DBS Savings Plus Account
    • POSB Current Account
    • POSB Savings Account
    • MySavings Account
  • Treasures Consolidated Statement
  • Wealth Management Consolidated Statement

*From November 2010 or from date of enrolment, whichever is later.


  • For Deposit accounts, eStatement is only available for accounts with monthly and quarterly statements. For account(s) with ad-hoc, daily and weekly statements, the account(s) will remain as paper-based.
  • No eStatements will be generated for the following accounts:
    • DBS/POSB Credit Card and Cashline account if there are no transactions for the month and no balances carried forward from the previous month(s)
    • DBS/POSB Debit Card account if there are no transactions for the month.
    • POSB Savings Account if there are no transactions for the month with the exception of the year-end (Dec) eStatement. POSB MySavings accounts if there are no transactions for the quarter with the exception of the year-end (Dec) eStatement.
  • For closed accounts - the past months' eStatements prior to the account closure will still be available for viewing.
  • For Debit Card eStatement, only customers with Debit Card(s) linked to POSB Passbook Savings Account as the primary account are eligible to enrol. Customers with Debit Card(s) linked to any other POSB or DBS Savings or Current Accounts as single or joint-alternate account, are not eligible to enrol.

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