Elevating Excellence

Ee Fong Soh, Group Head of Securities & Fiduciary Services, at DBS, details the excellent work being done by the bank that earned it three awards across Global Custodian’s gala events this year.

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Q: Congratulations on your wins at the Global Custodian's Leaders in Custody awards. What—for you—were the contributing factors behind the successful year that led to this award?
A: The value of recognition goes beyond the benefit of affirmation. We believe that winning moments are a key opportunity for reflection, so that we can pursue further excellence with insights and dedication. Our recent success at this year’s Global Custodian Leaders in Custody Awards—where we received the Multimarket: Relationship Management global award, as well as the Agent Bank Award for Best Provider and Agent of the Year for DBS Hong Kong—is one such opportunity. We take it with gratitude and are excited for the years ahead.

Q: Could you outline some of your standout achievements and milestones from the year?
A: The honour of receiving these awards is a testament of our steadfast commitment to our clients, where we strive to meet and exceed their expectations in the securities services space. 

Our approach is decidedly focused on leveraging technology to create operational efficiency with our clients at the heart of our business operations and strategic vision. We map and implement our strategies and execution around the client journey, while understanding and addressing their needs with solutions that match the rapidly changing market requirements. Every solution is designed to be comprehensive and responsive, so that every stakeholder in the value chain is fully accounted for. At DBS, the client comes first.

Our dedication to our clients is made possible by the commitment of our people. We have made significant investments in our technology and workforce, and have been rewarded with professional, hardworking, and collaborative teams across the markets that DBS has a presence in. A successful organisation is as good as its people, and we are fortunate to have an outstanding team in the industry. We understand that empowered employees will translate well into improved client satisfaction, which is why we continuously foster a culture of service excellence, driving innovation, shared success and continuous learning.  

Q: How do you plan to build on this success going into the rest of the year and beyond?
A: Over the last year, we have fine-tuned our processes and streamlined workflows to reduce operational risks and improve on work efficiencies. Pivotal investments in tech infrastructure were also made, which allowed us to leverage technology to enhance our service offerings and keep client servicing seamless and streamlined.

We will double down our efforts to enhance our capabilities in innovation, leveraging new AI technology, to better serve our clients’ diverse and ever evolving needs in this fluid market environment. Concurrently, our team will also continue to explore opportunities to optimise data analytics to generate greater insights for our clients and ourselves. 

Our accomplishments are not the destination but are instead the stepping-stones to greater achievements. We are deeply grateful to our clients for reposing their trust and confidence in us, and for providing the candid feedback that allows us to improve at every level and customer touchpoints. As we anticipate the rest of the year and beyond, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and remain committed to continuing our journey of excellence for the success of every client.

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