Whitepaper: Reimagining Healthcare

Lessons from the financial sector in digital transformation

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

These are fast-moving times. While evolving consumer needs, technological advances, changes in care delivery, and ageing populations have been reshaping the healthcare landscape in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change.

This pace of change is only going to pick up, with healthcare players being confronted with three key challenges – legacy, speed and rising costs. 

Overcoming these challenges requires a rethink of the role digitalisation can play in healthcare. This is where the financial services industry – more than knee-deep into this profound transformation today – offers several lessons. 

Read the latest report by Dr Eugene Hong, Head of Global Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Institutional Banking Group at DBS. He offers critical insights into the parallels between the two industries and how businesses should prepare for the future of healthcare



  • The future is already here

Trends in healthcare

  • An unprecedented era of change 
  • Spotlight: Telemedicine 

Challenges in healthcare

  • Respond, not react 
  • Spotlight: Alternate Care Systems 
  • Key lessons from banking’s digital journey 
  • An ecosystem of collaboration 


  • Shifting from healthcare to value-care