Cash Digitalisation and Management

Cash Management Digitalisation

Solving your business problems with digital solutions

Cash Management Digitalisation

Solving your business problems with digital solutions

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At DBS, we aim to help you address your biggest challenges by co-creating and customising digital solutions for your business.

We do this by leveraging a number of our award-winning digital solutions, including DBS RAPID for integrating digital banking and data services into your business platforms via APIs, DBS MAX for digitalising merchant collections and DBS ENCORE for smart automated receivables reconciliation.

All of our core digital cash management solutions are fully integrated and interoperable with our award-winning online banking platform – DBS IDEAL.


DBS RAPID is a digital solution that leverages DBS’ application programming interface capabilities. RAPID facilitates business transactions within your ecosystem by integrating real-time processing of payments, receivables and information enquiries into your business workflows.

Types of Cash APIs
Informational APIs

APIs that provide bank information direct to you

  • Inward credit notification
  • Intraday credit confirmation
  • Bank account verification
  • Transaction status enquiry
  • Account data enquiry
  • Account balance enquiry
  • FX rate enquiry
  • FX bulk rates enquiry
Transactional APIs

APIs that allow you to perform transactional banking services

  • Real-time payments
  • Real-time collections
  • DBS MAX collections
  • Refunds
  • Account credit transfer
  • Static Virtual Account
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • FX rate booking

Our instant payment APIs are available in all key markets, and integrate directly with real-time clearing systems. e.g. FAST, FPS, ATM Bersama, UPI to name a few.

Workflow APIs

APIs that allow customers to seamlessly connect to and integrate with multiple systems

  • Direct debit authorisation setup
  • DBS MAX invoice generation
  • DBS MAX QR code generation
Case studies

Our client casebook features several recent API integrations undertaken with our valued customers and explains how our distinctive API capabilities have transformed their businesses.

case book cover

Learn how our clients have opted for an API-based solution as the simplest and most effective way to digitalise their operations, leading to:

  • reduced costs
  • mitigated risks
  • improved customer experience

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Client stories

Taking clients to new heights

Find out how RAPID, DBS's API solution enabled Skyee to achieve instant connectivity.

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Going the extra mile together

Find out how DBS’ partnership enabled Gojek to go to market in 3 months.

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