Telegraphic Transfers

Make international transfers in over 30 currencies

Telegraphic Transfers

Make international transfers in over 30 currencies

At a Glance

Send your money across the world within minutes with an Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT). What’s more, enjoy extended cut-off time from 6.30pm to 8pm for selected straight currency telegraphic transactions via DBS IDEAL*!

*Applicable only for USD, EUR, GBP and CAD in debit and credit in the same currency for amounts up to S$5m equivalent per transaction.


33 currencies

Transfer money in a currency of your choice


1 to 4 days

Your beneficiary will receive the funds within 4 days


10 minutes

Transferring between DBS accounts? It’s done in 10 minutes

Features & Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of PriorityPay

Funds credited in 10 minutes for transfers within  DBS network. Credit confirmation for funds between Singapore and Hong Kong


Track your money easily

DBS is the first bank to offer end-to-end payments tracking for telegraphic transfers in Singapore, using SWIFT gpi

How it Works


How to Apply

Enjoy faster processing and extended cut-off time for your telegraphic transfers via DBS IDEAL.


Apply Online

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What information do I need to send an OTT?

To ensure that your application is processed efficiently, please provide the following:

  • Your name, address and debit account number
  • Payment currency and amount
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary's account number or IBAN for payments to Europe and the UAE
  • Beneficiary bank’s SWIFT code (BIC code)
  • Beneficiary bank's name and address
  • Details of the intermediary bank, if available
How fast will my payment be sent off?

Send your payment instructions before the cut-off time to have it processed on the same day. The beneficiary bank will need to process the payment received and times may vary.

If you transfer funds from a DBS account in Singapore to a DBS account Hong Kong, the payment will be credited in 10 minutes.

When will my beneficiary receive payment?

The beneficiary should receive the funds within 1 to 4 days. This may vary depending on the country or bank to which you are sending money.

Can DBS check if my beneficiary has received the payment?

Yes, we can send an enquiry to the overseas bank to check if the payment has been made. There is a service charge for this.

How do I ensure my beneficiary receives the full amount?

Select “We pay all bank/agent charges: Ourselves” during application. This will ensure all processing fees are charged to your account. Some payments may not be credited in full as the beneficiary bank may levy a charge for the receipt of funds.

Client Testimonial

"If there are any issues, we just have to pick up the phone and there is always a support person who can help us."

Jonathon Juay, Director, Transition Systems Pte Ltd.