Interest Rates for DBS Business Multi-currency Account


The following interest rates will apply to DBS Business Multi-currency Account credit balances.


Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Up to SGD500,0000.00%
Up to SGD1 million0.00%
Up to SGD2 million0.00%
Above SGD2 million0.00%


Australian Dollar (AUD)

Up to AUD1 million0.00%
Up to AUD2 million0.00%
Up to AUD5 million0.00%
Above AUD5 million0.00%


Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Up to CAD1 million0.00%
Up to CAD2 million0.00%
Up to CAD5 million0.00%
Above CAD5 million0.00%


Chinese Renminbi(Offshore) (CNH)

Up to CNH5 million0.00%
Up to CNH10 million0.00%
Up to CNH25 million0.00%
Above CNH25 million0.00%


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

Up to HKD5 million0.00%
Up to HKD10 million0.00%
Up to HKD25 million0.00%
Above HKD25 million0.00%


New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Up to NZD1 million0.00%
Up to NZD2 million0.00%
Up to NZD3 million0.00%
Above NZD5 million0.00%


Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

Up to NOK5 million0.00%
Up to NOK10 million0.00%
Up to NOK25 million0.00%
Above NOK25 million0.00%


Swedish Kroner (SEK)

Up to SEK5 million0.00%
Up to SEK10 million0.00%
Up to SEK25 million0.00%
Above SEK25 million0.00%


Sterling Pound (GBP)

Up to GBP1 million0.00%
Up to GBP2 million0.00%
Up to GBP5 million0.00%
Above GBP5 million0.00%


US Dollar (USD)

Up to USD1 million0.00%
Up to USD2 million0.00%
Up to USD5 million0.00%
Above USD5 million0.00%


Euro (EUR)*

Euro 25,000 and below0.00%
Above EUR 25,0000.00%
With effect from 3 Oct 2022, EUR Rates will be revised. Find Out More


Japanese Yen (JPY)*

JPY 3,000,000 and below0.00%
Above JPY 3,000,000 to JPY 1.5 Billion-0.50%
With effect from 3 Oct 2022, JPY Rates will be revised. Find Out More


Swiss Franc (CHF)*

CHF 1,000,000 and below0.00%
Above CHF 1,000,0000.00%
With effect from 3 Oct 2022, CHF Rates will be revised. Find Out More


Rates quoted are in % p.a. and are subjected to change without prior notice.

*For end-of-day balances that are above JPY 1.5 billion, please check with your Relationship Manager for the applicable daily moving rate.

You will see the negative credit interest amount with the transaction code "ODINT" in the account statement. Please note that this transaction will combine the credit interest charge amount and any overdraft charge.

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