Send money abroad with zero wait, zero fees & zero fuss

Send money abroad with zero wait, zero fees & zero fuss

Transferring money overseas can take up time in your busy schedule, often involving going down to the bank or a remittance agency, topping up a mobile wallet, or getting a cashier's order. And there’s the need to coordinate with your recipient in advance so they can receive the funds on time.

With DBS Remit on your digibank app, you can free up not only your calendar but those extra costs and waiting time as well! Whether the recipient is in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia or other parts of the world, they can receive the funds on the same day, without you incurring any extra fees, and whenever it’s convenient for you to make the transfer.

Make every cent count

If you’re here for work and need to send your family allowance, you no longer have to spend precious time at the remittance agency or fill up transfer forms to get your hard-earned money to your family every month. And it’s just so much safer to do so right at the comfort of your home.

With DBS Remit on digibank app, your monthly transfers can done automatically and securely so your family gets the allowance without any unforeseen delays. With just three taps on Overseas Transfer on digibank login screen, you can ensure your spouse, parents or children get the money they need for mortgage, home expenses, education and other needs.

And we’ve worked towards having zero extra fees so you can put every single cent you’ve worked so hard for towards what’s important.

No wait, no fuss

Your phone beeps and it’s a message from your son studying in Australia. He’s studied hard to get a coveted spot in his dream university, with a scholarship to boot. But he’s forgotten to put down a deposit for his accommodation and the payment needs to be made today, or he wouldn’t have a place to stay.

With three taps in the DBS digibank app, you’ve sent across the deposit required and the rent for the next semester. On the same day, your son confirms he has received the money and paid the deposit. You both heave a sigh of relief, and you make a mental note to remind him of the importance of timely payments in future.

This is your preferred remittance method as there are no additional fees involved - there’s no need to fork out extra just for a cashier’s order or traveller’s cheque. And if your child suddenly ran out of cash for textbooks or a medical emergency, you can get them the money they need anytime, anywhere.

You can even check the rates without having to log in, with just a tap on the Overseas Transfer tile within the DBS digibank app. If the exchange rate for the currency they are using happens to be good on that day, you can make a quick transfer to them as well - and your child will receive it on the same day without the wait or fuss.

Make smart decisions

If you’re an investor with dealings in other countries, DBS Remit is useful for you too. Spot a good investment opportunity? With three taps you can check exchange rates on the Overseas Transfer tile within the app and send the money to your broker. They’ll receive it within the same day with zero fees on you.

And while the sum may be large, you’ll have a peace of mind – you’re making the transfer with the Safest Bank in Asia and you can enjoy an attractive rate too!

Here’s an additional tip: avoid late fees for mortgage instalments by setting up recurring payments and take one more thing off your mind.

With DBS Remit on your digibank app, you can send money anywhere in the world with zero wait, zero fees and zero fuss. This is DBS digibanking: Save time and money for the things that matter, like a video call with your loved ones making sure they stay safe and healthy.

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