This is DBS digibanking: Branchless, paperless, and waitless

This is DBS digibanking: Branchless, paperless, and waitless

You may have heard of the DBS digibank app. But every bank has its own app, so what is the fuss?

If you’ve just graduated, found a job and need a bank account to credit your salary, an expat starting your overseas working experience in Singapore, or just don’t want to enter a bank branch to open an account, this is for you.

Read on to find out how you can make your life simpler and better!

1. Sign up whenever, wherever you are, no need for paperwork

Filling in cumbersome forms to sign up for a banking account at the branch is so 1990s, and starting up your computer just to check your account balance is a thing of the past.

With DBS digibank app, opening a new account can be done entirely on your phone. Simply connect your details through MyInfo, and before you know it you already have a customisable savings account My Account, a DSB PayLah! wallet for your everyday lifestyle needs, a Visa Debit Card and instant access to the full suite of everyday banking features.

Oh, what if you’re new to Singapore or decided to stay for a while longer? For expats and foreigners, there’s no need to bring a whole stack of documents to a branch – simply open an account with the DBS digibank app, allow us 3 working days for processing, and you’ll be all set up!

2. Access banking services round the clock

Queuing at the ATM to check your bank account balance? Or visited the branch only to realise that you missed the closing hour by a few minutes? If only banks can be open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week!

Don’t fret – with DBS digibanking, your banking needs are only a few taps away right on your mobile phone. From applying for a bank product to checking your statement or managing your investments and insurance, you can do so much more with DBS digibank app than waiting in a line.

3. Do everything with just one customised account – no minimum balance

My Account lets you bank the way you want. From paying bills and changing currencies, to overseas fund transfers, investing or retirement planning, My Account puts all the banking services you need at your fingertips.

There’s no need to search for the banking service you need – we’ve pre-loaded more than 150 services for you to choose from. What’s more, you can customise and set it up to include only those that you need.

Oh, and did we mention that there’s no minimum balance, no initial deposits, or fall-below fees, ever? Share this with your friends and family if you haven’t!

4. Maximise deals and rewards immediately with DBS PayLah! and DBS Visa Debit

Opening an account from your DBS digibank app comes with the option of having both DBS PayLah! and DBS Visa Debit card, so you can skip past more registration tasks and dive right into maximising the deals and rewards we have in store for you.

With DBS PayLah!, you can pay bills, book a ride, order lunch and score a seat at your favourite show while earning rewards and avoiding accidentally show someone your main bank account balance. It’s the perfect companion app that fulfils all your lifestyle needs: Shop, dine, ride, book, earn and more.

With DBS Visa Debit card, you get up to 3% cashback when you spend on online food delivery, local transport, and via local Visa Contactless. And here’s a bonus – it doubles up as a multi-currency card so you can use it for foreign currency spends as well (including online purchases).

5. Navigate your money with confidence

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to planning and managing your money. Sounds tiring already? Don’t procrastinate – we’ve got something for you.

From learning about your spending habits and highlighting gaps to providing personalised cash flow projections, NAV planner – available right within your DBS digibank app -helps you track, protect and grow your money in a way that works for you. It even goes beyond just your bank account, bringing together everything from your income, cash, CPF savings, property and investments to your expenses and loans (even if they’re not with DBS, an option you have).

The difference: It’s a one-stop financial planning tool for every stage of your life that is right at your fingertips - you no longer must deal with creating and updating spreadsheets to manage your finances and navigate your life journey.

6. It’s seamless. It’s instant. And it’s so easy to use

Yes, that’s our promise in inviting you to dive right into DBS digibanking. Don’t miss out - sign up here today.


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