Phone insurance: Useful even if you’re not clumsy

Phone insurance: Useful even if you’re not clumsy

You’re in the lift, willing it to move faster so that you can grab breakfast before work. You reach into your bag for your mobile phone, but nothing. It’s the second time this week that you’ve left it at home. And so, you turn back for the phone. Add 10 minutes to your morning commute. *groan*

If this resonates with you, you’re not alone.

Mobile phones have become part of our lives

In Singapore, more than half of us (58%) would not be able to live without our phones for even one day. 1We use our phones to stay connected with our family and friends... stream music or TV shows... take pictures of the places we’ve visited...

So imagine the pain and inconvenience that comes from losing your phone. You have to shell out money on a new phone. You lose contact with your family and friends – those few hours or days feel like eternity. And in the worst scenario, your personal data such as photos, videos, documents, and your apps may be compromised.

The cost and experience can be a nightmare. That’s why mobile phone protection is important even if you’re not clumsy.

(If you have butterfingers, phone insurance is even more important because you may drop your phone on the pavement, spill drinks on it, or accidentally drop it into the toilet bowl.)

How to choose the right mobile phone insurance

These 4 factors can help you to choose mobile phone insurance that best suits your needs:

  1. Geographical coverage

    If you are a frequent traveller, choose a plan that provides global coverage, as the last thing you need is to fret over the loss or damage of your phone in a foreign land.

  2. The age of your phone

    New phones are typically eligible for cover at the point of purchase, but this is not always the case with used phones.

    If you are the type who uses your phone for as long as it lasts, you may wish to consider getting the coverage. There are plans that protect both new or used phones that are up to 36 months old.

  3. Protection for in-box accessories

    When buying a new phone, the specs are important – so are the accessories that come along in the box.

    Chargers, headphones and other useful accessories add to the excitement of unboxing your phone. They also enhance the overall experience of using your phone. And so, they deserve the same level of protection. A plan that adequately protects these accessories preserves the experience.

  4. Protection beyond your phone

    When you lose your phone, it is not just about the physical gadget. The large amount of personal data and applications on our phones means that these are very real risks:

    • Unauthorised transactions,
    • Unauthorised usage of airtime and data,
    • Loss of important information

    Some phone insurance covers more than just your phone, which comes in very handy if you lose your entire bag or wallet.

    For instance, Mobile Protect covers you if unauthorised transactions are made using your PayLah! e-wallet, and for the cost of replacing important documents such as your passport, identity card, or driving license.

    It also provides coverage if you’re robbed after drawing cash from the ATM.

Where to find out more about mobile insurance

While we can avoid losing our phone, phone theft, or accidental damage, it’s nearly impossible to stamp it out.

What we can do – even if we’re not clumsy – is to minimise the disruption that these events cause. And so, we can reconnect quickly with our family, friends and work, and get on with life.

If you’re interested in the details of an insurance plan for your phone, you can:

  • Visit the Mobile Protect website or
  • Log in to DBS PayLah! and click on the “Insurance” icon for more information.

1 Source: Limelight Networks. ‘The State of Digital Lifestyles – 2018’, published 25 June 2018.


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