What’s new in Solidarity Budget 2020

What’s new in Solidarity Budget 2020

A third round of government support measures to help tide Singapore through the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the "circuit breaker" distancing measures, was announced on 6 April 2020.

This is the first time in history that the government has announced three rounds of budget in less than two months. The latest round of aid - the Solidarity Budget - is meant to enhance supplementary help to Singaporeans especially during the closure of schools and non-essential services.

The additional measures include cash payouts for all adult citizens, more help for the self-employed and wage subsidies for local workers. They will take the government's combined COVID-19 support package to S$59.9 billion, or about 12% of Singapore's gross domestic product.

What's new

Some of the new or enhanced measures include:

• Cash Payments for Singaporeans

The cash payout for all adult Singaporeans aged 21 years and above, will be increased by another $300, bringing the total cash payout for each qualifying individual to the range of S$600 to S$1,200. This means that all Singaporeans above 21 years of age will receive the "Solidarity payment" of at least S$600 in April 2020.

Assessable Income for Year 2019

Additional + Enhanced Cash Payments

Total Cash Payments

Payment in April 2020

Payment in June 2020

Below $28k $300 + $900 $1,200 $600 $600
Between $28,001 to $100k $300 + $600 $900 $600 $300
>$100k or owns more than 1 property $300 + $300 $600 $600  

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Other cash payouts that were previously announced in the Resilience Budget remain, although their payment will be brought forward to June from August 2020. These include:

- the additional cash payout of S$300 given to each Singaporean parent with at least one young Singaporean child aged 20 and below in 2020;

- one-off PAssion Card cash top-up of S$100 for Singaporeans aged 50 years and above.

• Enhancement to Job Support Scheme

The government will subsidise 75% of wages in April 2020, up to the first $4,600 of monthly salary for all local employees. This will revert to the original 25% subsidy in May 2020. The first Job Support Scheme payout will also be brought forward to April instead of May 2020.

• Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) Income Relief Scheme

This scheme will be broadened to be more inclusive. It will automatically include SEPs who earn a small amount of income from employment as well as those who live in a property with an annual value of no more than S$21,000, up from S$13,000 previously. Other criteria remain unchanged.

The total amount of payout to this group remains unchanged – a total of S$9,000 to be paid out in three tranches of S$3,000 in May, July and October 2020.

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