Plan your finances entirely online

How to plan your finances entirely online

If you’ve only got a minute:

  • We’ve put together a compilation of online reads to help you better understand basic financial planning topics
  • Everything in this article can be done right now, wherever you are, entirely online

Your personal finance journey begins with a single step, but we understand it can be difficult to even take this very first step.

That’s why we have created this compilation for you. From learning the basics of money management to choosing a financial product that best suits your needs, we’ve got you covered.

The best of it all? You can do everything on this list entirely online right here, right now, when inertia is out of the way!

1. Master budgeting with NAV Planner

Budgeting is fundamental to managing your personal finances. That’s because you need to start with some savings – and have your emergency fund in order – before taking your personal finance game plan to the next level.

With NAV Planner, you can easily see the big picture on all your finances even if parts of it are not with DBS. And it’s free!

Online reads to help you understand budgeting and saving:

Additional digital tools and products to consider:

2. Build a financial safety net with our TeleAdvisory

Having a safety net in place is crucial for your personal finance. It helps to protect you and your loved ones against the downside of an unexpected event that can be financially damaging, such as the loss of income due to health issues.

With TeleAdvisory, you can speak to our Wealth Planning Managers to understand your coverage needs, from wherever you are. Simply make an appointment with us.

Online reads to help you get the right protection for a peace of mind:

Additional digital tools and products to consider:

  • Obtain instant personal accident protection for your entire family, from the young ones to the seniors. It covers you and your family if you’re hospitalised due to dengue fever, food poisoning, and hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD).

3. Get the most suitable home loan with MyHome Planner

Buying a home is a huge milestone and financial commitment, which you could be spending years on repayment. Thus, it is important to get the most suitable home loan that meets your needs so you can pay less interest each month and have more wriggle room for your finances.

If you are servicing an existing loan, don’t forget to review it periodically to ensure you are getting the deal most suited for your current situation.

With MyHome Planner, you cut out all the guesswork and can seamlessly find a home that meets your budget and preferences.

Online reads to help you with those complex home-related decisions:

Additional digital tools and products to consider:

4. Grow your wealth with digital investment options

You’re making good progress - kudos to you for reaching this stage! The next thing to look at is growing your wealth, so your money doesn’t sit in the bank and dwindle due to inflation.

Be mentally prepared and have a good understanding of your risk profile before you start!

Online reads to help you understand investing and related behaviours:

Additional digital tools and products to consider:

5. Envisage your desired retirement lifestyle with our TeleAdvisory

Retirement… what does this seemingly elusive goal look like? Is it a semi-retired lifestyle working part-time, or perhaps helping to take care of your grandchildren full-time?

Depending on your desired retirement lifestyle, you will need different ways to finance it. Learn how to get ready to retire from our online resources and tools, or speak to our Wealth Planning Managers through our TeleAdvisory service to understand your needs, from wherever you are.

Online reads to help you plan for your desired retirement lifestyle:

Additional digital tools and products to consider:

  • See the big picture with NAV Planner to find out how well you’re tracking towards your retirement plan

The best time to start was yesterday…

… but the next best time to start would be today. 

Regardless of where you are on your financial planning journey, it’s never too late to start. With this compilation of digital resources which helps you get a good understanding before taking action, you’re ready to take that first step right where you are and plan for your finances - entirely online!

Ready to start?

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Alternatively, check out NAV Planner to analyse your real-time financial health. The best part is, it’s fuss-free – we automatically work out your money flows and provide money tips.

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