Invest cashlessly with CPF

Invest cashlessly with CPF

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  • You can invest with your CPF monies and not rely solely on your cash-on-hand.
  • Under the CPF investment scheme, there are various products you can invest in. For example, selected Equities, ETF, Unit trusts.

Looking to invest without impacting your cashflow for daily expenses? Consider investing with your Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Activate your Investible Savings

If you maintain a minimum sum of $20,000 in the Ordinary Account and $40,000 in the Special Account, you can invest the excess monies, also known as investible savings.

Considerations when Investing with CPF Monies

Don't leave your money idling in your CPF Account

In 2013, Sean invested $18,850 of his CPF OA monies in equities*. In 2018, he sold his shares for $22,750 and accumulated $6,141 in dividends, generating a total return of 53.2%.

*Illustrated using a CPF-included Commercial Trust; assuming Sean bought 13,000 shares at $1.45 each on 26 July 2013 and sold them for $1.75 each on 26 July 2018. Total return is calculated based on (capital gains + dividends) /initial investment, excluding brokerage fees.

Products included under the CPF Investment Scheme

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